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Trisha Yearwood definitely is my favorite singer. Her voice is one of the most outstanding in today's country music and she is widely recognized as one of the leading female country singers around. Having heard some of her work, you will surely come to the same conclusion!

Trisha grew up in Monticello, Georgia as the younger of two daughters of a banker and an elementary school teacher. Among her favorite singers back then were Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley and Linda Ronstadt, the latter being her greatest example. In the mid-'80s Trisha moved to Nashville. There she finished college, interned at a label and spent her time as a demo-singer before signing up with MCA records. It was in this period when she also met Garth Brooks. He has, among with others, encouraged her to seriously pursue a career as a singer.

Trisha's break-through came with the hit-single "She's is love with the boy" which became a major hit in the U.S. This song, written by Jon Ims, is about a young girl, Katie, who is determined to marry her boyfriend, who fails to impress her father. Eventually all ends well and this song ending happy is exactly the tone Trisha has sustained all along.

Since the release of Trisha Yearwood's first album, back in 1991, she has been able to produce a number of great records. This summer a compilation of her greatest successes was released. It attained the peak position in Billboard's country charts.


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