(De Bellis Renationis)
DBR is a game devised by the Wargames Research Group to play battles of the Pike and Shot era (1494-1700).  They follow the same basic formula as DBA and DBM, in that they focus on command and control.  However the game of DBR is usually faster and bloodier than its ancient and medieval cousin of DBM.
I have a deep interest in the Pike and Shot era, particularly the English Civil War and the Nine Years War (War of the League of Augsburg).  My armies reflect this, as well as the fact that I find DBR a very enjoyable game to play.
My armies are in 15mm metal and are:
Williamite Anglo-Dutch
  Louis XIV French

Because they reflect historical interests rather than competition winning armies, neither of the above armies is at its peak gaming potential.  I feel that the character of the armies makes up for this.  Links that explore the individual armies and periods more fully are provided in the list of armies above.
I also possessed English Civil War DBR armies for a while but have sold hem on.  Pictures of my Parliamentarians are still available by clicking on the below link.
Left: Marshal Turenne - one of the greatest soldiers of the Pike and Shot era

Below: Oliver Cromwell, military leader and Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of Great Britain
Here are some photos from the 2004 NiCon, at which my Parliamentarians excelled themselves...
NICON 2004