(The Later New Zealand Wars)
The New Zealand Wars raged throughout the North Island from the 1840s into the 1870s.  In this period there were all types of fighting, from siege warfare conducted on a large scale, to small scale skirmishes in the bush.  The nature of the wars was at times tribal, being rooted in grievances deep in the past, sometimes nationalistic and at other times fought with a religious fanaticism.
Despite the youth of our recorded history, our island nation has a wealth of drama to draw upon for wargaming.
As a resident of Rotorua I became very interested in the East Coast campaigns fought in the region between the Hauhau's and in particular Te Kooti on the one hand, and the Armed Constabulary and local Te Arawa tribe on the other. 
This is the type of conflict that my troops are intended to represent.  I have bought Old Glory figures which unfortunately have many inaccuracies.  However, having bought them, I am going to use them for an alternative historical campaign set in the Coromandel Peninsula. These figures are supplemented by one Eureka officer, and it is not impossible that more Eureka figs might find there way into the range, especially as they are more accurate. 
I have written my own rules that will be posted here soon, called Bush Ranging.
Above:  Von Tempsky's painting of General Chute's march through Taranaki
Below: Armed Constabulary of the later NZ Wars - they should have boots on, but Old Glory didn't get that one right!  Eureka does AC with boots.
Below:  Maori warriors armed with muskets.  By Te Kooti's time they were wearing more European dress.