Contemptible Little Armies
Rules for warfare in the Age of the Rifle

Schwerpunkt is a set of rules I designed myself before I bought CLA.  Basically I asked myself what I wanted in a wargame and came up with the following criteria: 
1) It had to be fast Playing
2) It should be capable of producing historical results
3) It had to be fun
With this in mind, I set about using all the rulesets I have ever played or read to come up with what I liked and didn't like.  Since buying CLA I no longer use these rules, but there are many similarities and they are here for anyone who would like a free set of wargames rules without too many holes in them.
Downloads of Schwerpunkt rules and Army Lists.
(Please note that at present most of these lists are future projects and may not be finished for a while)
Schwerpunkt Rulebook v.1.1
Schwerpunkt Rulebook v.1.1 (small file option - no pictures)
1918 Army Lists (British Imperial, German, French, United States)

Left: A German Light Machine Gunner, 1918

Right: An infantry unit advances into battle, supported by covering fire from a Lewis LMG.
The  Contemptible Little Armies Rules by Chris Peers would have to be some of my favourite.  I am a real fan of Chris' attitude to wargaming - that it is a game (and therefore supposed to be enjoyable) and that, in modern warfare at least, tables of organisation and equipment can be cumbersome, boring and inaccurate.

I use these rules for the Great War, which is a period of intense historical interest for me. 

Armies that I currently have are:
Great War
German 1916 - 1918
New Zealanders 1916 - 1918
French 1916 - 1918
United States 1917 - 1918
Austro-Hungarians 1915 - 18
Turks 1915-18
Russians 1914-1917
Dispatches describing batles here.
Photos of brave actions
Learn why I wargame World War One