Here are some of the sites I recommend on various topics:
Wargaming with plastic

DBLCHM - Nick Grant's former site now owned by Stan Walker.  Inspirational for anyone looking to wargame in plastics.  Galleries, battle reports, painting tips, and best of all, he sells the figures too (and at very reasonable rates may I add)!

Canterbury Miniatures - this is run by young Stan Walker.  He also has Metal figures for sale, including ECW and ACW.  This is my source for Freikorps English Civil War, at very reasonable rates.  He also sells the DBx family of rules.

HaT - the company with the biggest current range of plastic figures for sale.

Airfix - the originals, where many people started their gaming.  Currently on a rerelesing spree that is making a lot of people happy.

Italeri - an Italian company that make very good figures and are currently expanding their range.  They have a lot of the old Esci molds which they are beginning to rerelease. They also have the Zvezda range from Russia.

Metal Figures

Historic Games - in Auckland are our regional supplier of Foundry figures, Osprey titles, rules and many 15mm products as well.

Peter Pig - makes World War One and Two figures, not to mention Russian Civil War, all in 15mm.  If you simply can't bring yourself to game in plastic, this could be a good site for you to check out.

Lancashire Games - Allan sells all sorts of goodies at extremely reasonable rates.  I bought my Russian traditional and Nine Years War armies off him.  Lancashire Games also owns IT figures - 20mm WWI figures which are also available at reasonable rates.

Eureka Miniatures - an Aussie company that sell New Zealand Wars figures and a wide range of other stuff - some of it quite bizarre.  This is where the Warrior Frogs came from...

Old Glory - Sell New Zealand Wars figures, 28mm World War One figures, and just about any other period that you care to name, both in 28mm and 15mm, not to mention a new and growing range of 15mm.

B & B Miniatures - If you're a perfectionist or simply not good at scratch building, then this site offers 20mm figures that could supplement your plastic Russian Civil War army. Or alternatively, you could just build a 20mm RCW force entirely in metal.


Free Wargames Rules - there is a lot here, and it is all free!  Here you can find links to Trench Storm, Lion of the North, RCW rules, Samurai Skirmish Rules and many more.  A great starting point in anyone's quest to create or find the perfect rules.


Lloyds tips on making scenery - a really useful site, and worth visiting.