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Welcome to the NO Speed Bumps Website

Chances are that you are on one side of this debate or the other (and strongly so). For those of you who DESPISE having our roads destroyed and cars damaged by these horrible impediments, then you will enjoy this website. Remember one thing!! It is easier to STOP bumps from coming into your neighborhood than to get them off your roads once they are installed. That said, it is almost impossible to prevent shortsighted government officials from caving into the demands of a handful of complaining (and misguided but well-meaning) residents who want bumps vs HUNDREDS of residents who do NOT want them. This is most definitely NOT a democratic (or well though out) process. The complainers are just louder and more harrassing. Everyone else just figures that HEY, they wouldn't put these things in with so many of us against it! (and then they sit back and do NOTHING while the complainers do what they do best and harrass govt officials until they cave in to these unreasonable demands). All of you pro-hump people -- no, don't email us complaining about this site....we know that not every one of you is like that, but most ARE). Please read on........

THE OTHER SIDE: For those of you who feel that speed bumps are the only way to control speeding, we invite you to read about the "other side" and find out why:

  • Speed bumps make roads MORE dangerous
  • Most accidents happen at intersections, NOT in the middle of a residential street
  • Traffic circles are THE best way to slow traffic at dangerous intersections
  • Police presence is THE best way to slow traffic on residential streets
  • Speed bumps decrease your property value
  • Speed bumps damage your vehicle
  • Speed bumps SLOW DOWN emergency response time for police cars, fire trucks and ambulances (where every minute counts)
  • Speed bumps don't save lives - they contribute to accidents and deaths

Now, we all know that RESEARCH is the only way to go with statistics. PLEASE get your numbers right and you'll find out that SPEED BUMPS do not SAVE LIVES. The only cause problems and annoy the neighborhood. If you have children, please WATCH OUT for them!!!! That means not allowing them to play in the streets (especially intersections!!).

  • There is NO WAY ON EARTH to enforce laws for every driver on every street.
  • There is NO WAY to prevent all accidents.
  • Making it HARDER to drive and control a vehicle is NOT a solution.
  • Lowering your property values by damaging the roads with bumps is NOT a solution!

Just as there will always be disagreement over whether plain pizza is better than one with "the works", there will never be an end to this debate...or will there???

Almost everyone will agree that landscaped medians and landscaped traffic circles LOOK GREAT, are not INTRUSIVE and they WORK to slow down traffic. Seminole County, Florida (Central Florida) uses these methods with great success. So why not utilize these methods instead of those horrible and annoying BUMPS? GEE, WHAT A CONCEPT....something that everyone is ok with -- plus, it adds some beauty to a neighborhood.

We can only hope........ in the our site and remember.......



Welcome, Residents of Watermill, Lake Georgia Drive

You recently received a Notice from Orange County regarding a July 29, 2002 "Traffic Calming Meeting - Lake Georgia Drive". This website is a public service to you and other unsuspecting residents of Orange County, so that YOU do not get blindsided as residents of Lake Price Drive, Regency Park, Ashington Park and surrounding neighbors did over a year ago. The letter addresses "some traffic calming options" in response to a "petition" from a handful of residents of Lake Georgia Drive. Make no mistake - the only "option" which Orange County has in store for you is SPEED BUMPS. Not speed "humps" - but destructive BUMPS in every sense of the word.

For those of you who could not attend this meeting, let's just say that it appears to be a done deal by Orange County. You are in for 11 (ELEVEN) SPEED BUMPS on Lake Georgia Drive!! THEY MAY ADD MORE LATER ON!!! Although Watermill and Lake Georgia Cove residents are directly and permanently impacted by having BUMPS placed on their only access route, those residents will NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE ON THIS ISSUE!!! Something is VERY VERY WRONG here. STOP the INSANITY! All residents are strongly URGED to contact Commissioner Ted Edwards by phone or email.

Telephone: (407) 836-7350
Fax: (407) 836-5879
Address: Commissioner Ted Edwards
201 S. Rosalind Ave., 5th Floor
Orlando, FL 32801

ORANGE COUNTY RESIDENTS: If you are against speed humps
 please organize your subdivision and get a petition going NOW (of course, Orange County will probably IGNORE it as it so nicely did with Lake Price Drive's HUNDREDS of signatures in OPPOSITION).  There are OTHER WAYS to deal with traffic. We ALL want safe  (AND USER-FRIENDLY) roads. Humps and bumps are NOT the answer.

Les Bunte, Assistant Chief of the Austin, Texas Fire Department has produced an outstanding thesis on "traffic calming". Did you know that a 30-second delay in emergency vehicles will COST 37 lives annually in Austin, Texas! Download the free document by CLICKING HERE


Click HERE for the Orlando Weekly Article of August 16, 2000.

1 - 2 - 3 ..........In a nutshell:
1. Once you have speed BUMPS "ON" your road, you will NEVER get them off. Orange County placed 9 BUMPS within 1/2 mile on Lake Price Road, without even notifying any subdivision residents who must use the road for the ONLY access to their homes!!!! The only reason YOU received a notice is because of our complaints last year.
2. Even after being presented with petitions SIGNED BY HUNDREDS of residents in opposition to BUMPS on that road, Orange County refused to consider removing any of them, saying that a couple of residents wanted them there so the bumps are staying on the road! Homeowners are STILL LIVID and many SOLD their homes to avoid living near that roller coaster road.
3. Orange County will tell you that the "traffic calming devices" will be installed in compliance with certain "standards" and they will point to some areas which have mild rises in the road which are truly "elevated humps". That is NOT what you will get on your road! The Deputy Director of the Public Works Department, Mark Massaro, said that he had driven the BUMPS at the posted 25 mph speed (with a COUNTY vehicle - not his own) and there was no problem. Questioned about this, it was plainly obvious that he had never been on that road since the BUMPS were installed. When Commissioner Ted Edwards drove it, he ordered adjustments be made to decrease the impact and make them somewhat navigable at creeping, idle speed. Thank you, Ted, but couldn't you have them REMOVED as requested by the overwhelming MAJORITY over here? There ARE other options available........They are still not in code and some are still 5 INCHES HIGH

Watermill and Lake Georgia subdivision neighbors, we suggest that you TRY OUT OUR BUMPS and then attend the meeting on Monday. Start organizing a neighborhood group NOW - or you will be totally unprepared for the battle (and it WILL be a battle) with Orange County, as they really don't give a hoot about subdivision residents.
Directions to "our" speed bumps......(it's only a 10 minute drive - treat yourself)
Take University Blvd to Alafaya Trail, Turn North (left) on Alafaya to McCulloch Road (Mobil Station/Publix Shopping Center on cormer). Turn Right on McCulloch.
Go to the end (passing Carillon and University Estates) and turn RIGHT on Tanner Road
Your next right is Lake Price Drive.....Drive it at 25 mph in your best vehicle (don't use your brakes now!) and HAVE FUN!! Good luck to you on Monday.


Article of Interest........

The Orlando Sentinel (May 3, 2001)

Turkeys become 'bump' in the road
John Kennedy,Tallahassee Bureau Chief

May 3, 2001

TALLAHASSEE -- Sen. Jim Horne said Wednesday he’s tired of having his Mustang convertible rattled by speed bumps when he drives on a Tallahassee street leading to the airport.

So the Senate’s powerful budget chairman has done something about it. He tucked into Florida’s $48.3 billion budget a provision that orders Leon County to remove the bumps, or lose $458 million in state highway money.

"Sure, it’s micro-management," conceded Horne, R-Orange Park. "But if you put it up for a vote, I think everybody in the Legislature would vote to get rid of those speed bumps."

Not satisfied with leveling speed bumps, Horne also made capital city highway dollars contingent on changing the Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center to the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center, the facility’s original name.

It also prompted a protest Wednesday by three Leon County commissioners, who scattered tea across the disputed speed-bumps, as a symbol of their Boston Tea Party-like revolt against the Legislature’s action.

"If you’re concerned at all about home rule, this is absolutely atrocious," said Commissioner Cliff Thaell.

The Lake Price Road Fiasco

Watermill and Lake Georgia Drive Residents.....What follows is the information from the Lake Price Road Fiasco.....

The traffic counters on Lake Price (placed by Orange County) indicate that there are over 3,800 vehicles passing there DAILY.  Since HUNDREDS of us are avoiding that undrivable humped road, the actual total traffic is most likely somewhere WELL OVER 4,000 vehicless/day.  Orange County's speed hump program clearly states that no road with over 3,000 vehicles a day is even eligible to be humped!   SO, ORANGE COUNTY, WHEN CAN WE EXPECT THESE HUMPS TO BE REMOVED? Remember this also, they are ALL built in a non-conforming manner!!! REMEMBER, not all humps are built the same.  The ones on Lake Price Road are AWFUL and a detriment to the community.

Orange County wants to use $500,000 MORE of YOUR TAX DOLLARS
to destroy your own roads.  Can't they think of a better way to spend
 a half million dollars!!?????
9  HUGE HUMPS within a half mile is RIDICULOUS!
Lake Price Road is NOT a private road and NOT a shortcut!

BULLETIN:  You may have noticed that Orange County "adjusted" some of the humps by ADDING MORE asphalt to them in an effort to ease the ride.  As we can all see, this did nothing to alleviate the situation.  Some of these humps are 5" HIGH! 

NEWS:  Homeowners are finding it more difficult to sell their homes due to these road obstructions.  Realtors report that buyers walk away when they see 9 humps in a row!  There are other, saner ways to to deal with "traffic" than to make a drive as unpleasant as it can be.

There has already been one emergency airlift and one ambulance "detour" from Lake Price Drive because ambulances would not go back over the bumps to transport critically ill patients!  Don't wait until you or a precious loved one suffers or your house burns to the ground due to slowed emergency response.  EVERY SECOND COUNTS in an emergency.  Of course Orange County knows this as it just approved installation 35 "life saving" defibrillators at the Orlando International  Airport.  According to Mark Swanson, President of the American Heart Association's Florida Chapter, "For every minute that (rescue) is delayed, the likelihood of survival drops by about 7-10 percent".

WHY make EVERYONE suffer driving over a roller coaster road.



CLICK HERE to see The Orlando Sentinel article of July 24, 2000 regarding the NEW Orange County Speed Bump Installation Program!!!
of YOUR taxpaying dollars will go towards NEW bumps
if you don't call in to protest!!
Orange County Commissioners and developers bargained away YOUR driving rights by agreeing to install these NINE speed humps along Lake Price Road, 
a  MAJOR ACCESS ROAD for residents of the area.
 Now, they want to hump all of Orange County!
 What is the matter with these people?

Anti Safe Streets Residents (ASSR's) usually couch their complaints in terms like “speeders” and “reckless drivers”.   Their real desired objective is to disrupt and divert traffic to other streets (how very neighborly).   Instead of being jolted by 9 speed bumps in close succession, the objective is diverting drivers to  “go around” this area and drive 5 miles out of the way to drive South to Colonial Drive and the Expressway or North to Oviedo!  Absurd!  This is a PUBLIC ACCESS ROAD, NOT A PRIVATE SUBDIVISION ROAD. It is the ONLY convenient, paved North/South access road in this area!  IT IS NOT A SHORTCUT!


SPEED BUMPS ARE DANGEROUS IN EMERGENCIES – THEY CAN COST LIVES.   Ambulances and fire trucks are slowed down up to 13 seconds for EACH speed bump.  Seconds DO count in an emergency.  Lake Price Road will slow emergency vehicles over 2 minutes EACH WAY to and from an emergency.  Heart attack victims could die waiting for help.  The 

"Anti Safe Streets Residents" (ASSR's) DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS!  They would rather their neighbors DIE than have more traffic in front of their homes (which just happen to be on a main street)!  According to a Miami Herald interview with a paramedic, “Our trucks have to crawl over them.  If we are carrying someone with a neck or spinal injury, you can’t go more than 5mph over them.  Can you imagine doing an IV with a patient and hitting a bump?”  YES, EVEN AT A CRAWL, THEY HURT.
"Councils to spend millions" The Electronic Telegraph, England, February  27, 2000 
        "TOWNS and cities throughout Britain are to spend millions of pounds removing up to 500,000 road humps, because they are a potential hazard for new buses built with lower floors to allow  wheelchair access." 
         -    "...roads with humps have been declared bus-less zones and routes now go along hump-free  streets. ... Although low-floor buses can just about get over them, road humps can damage the  undercarriage and provide an uncomfortable ride for passengers." 
        -   "Ambulances already have to go on special routes to avoid (the humps) when transferring critically ill people to hospital if there is a danger a sudden jolt could make their injuries worse."

SPEED BUMPS DAMAGE VEHICLES.    Even crawling over these bumps and grinding traffic to a halt, serious vehicular damage occurs to cars, county emergency vehicles, school buses and trucks (not to mention damage to the contents from bumping along). Driving over them daily produces a cumulative damaging effect.  They must be driven over at idle creeping speed, NOT 25 mph.  Taxpayers pay for increased county vehicle maintenance costs, but Anti Safe Streets Residents (ASSR's) DON'T CARE!  They just think that everyone (including the disabled, seniors and disabled children's bus) wants to speed past their house (which happens to be on a MAIN ROAD - anyone listening?)

SPEED BUMPS COST TAXPAYERS MONEY AND INCREASE AREA POLLUTION.  The repeated braking-acceleration causes vehicles to burn more gasoline, increasing your fuel costs (just what we all need) and adding UP TO 10% to the area's  pollution.  Anti Safe Streets Residents (ASSR's) DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS EITHER.  Anything is worth it to them to have less traffic outside their home. Anything.

SPEED BUMPS NEGATIVELY AFFECT PROPERTY VALUES Think about it.  You don't like driving over an unsightly and dangerous roller coaster road every day.   Would you have purchased in this area if these road impediments were already installed?  Would you have wanted to purchase in an area which made you drive over 9 speed bumps every day to and from your home?   The overwhelming majority of people say "NO" to that question.  What will that do when it comes time to sell YOUR home?  Ah, one topic that WILL affect the Anti Safe Streets Residents (ASSR's)  at house sale time. 

SPEED BUMPS FRUSTRATE DRIVERS AND DIVIDE COMMUNITIES.  The majority of drivers obey speed limits.  Impeding roads with reverse potholes and forcing people to endure the disruption and inconvenience simply adds to road rage.  In some communities, drivers honk their horn as they pass over every speed bump as a form of protest.   People already spend too much time on the road without having their daily drive disrupted even more.  Anti Safe Streets Residents (ASSR's) DON'T CARE HOW anyone else feels about humps.  THEY want them and THEY like them and THEY just want THEIR way and no other residents of "their" community should have any say in what THEY want, even though THEY are the minority and THEY LIVE ON A MAIN ROAD (or didn't they notice this small fact?)  How selfish and un-neighborly and shortsighted can these people be?  THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO DEAL WITH TRAFFIC!

Anti Safe Streets Residents (ASSR's) JUST DON'T CARE that speed bumps cause discomfort for  disabled people and those with back and neck injuries.  As unpleasant as it is for a healthy person to be suddenly jolted by constant stop and go over roller-coaster road impediments, imagine what an injured person feels.  Senior Citizen Transport Buses jolt our precious seniors who already are in pain. Don't tell us that these people just want to "speed"!

SPEED BUMPS ARE BEING OUTLAWED AND REMOVED IN MANY COMMUNITIES. Extensive governmental studies have proven that speed bumps are no more than an annoying, destructive and ineffective method of traffic control. NO accidents are prevented from their installation.  In fact, a young girl was recently killed after being struck by a vehicle negotiating around a speed bump.  Why is Orange County pursuing a program that Seminole County has abandoned??  How did Orange County install these things without following its OWN RULES AND REGULATIONS?  NO ONE in the area was notified about this and NO VOTE was taken.  PLUS, this is a road, according to Orange County, with over 4,000 vehicles a day - 1,000 vehicles OVER ORANGE COUNTY's limit for the installation of speed humps! 

LAKE PRICE ROAD IS NOT AN ISOLATED SUBDIVISION.   Lake Price is not a “shortcut” or "cut through" road.  There IS NO SUCH THING as a cut-through road!  Roads are made to be driven on - not blocked!  It is the only  major North/South route conveniently located for use by hundreds of area residents from both Orange and Seminole Counties  to access the Expressway, East Colonial Drive and Oviedo!

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