Orange County, Florida
Speed Hump Program
Traffic Engineering Department Guidelines

On April 5, 1994, the Board of County Commissioners approved the placement of speed humps in residential areas.  This Speed Hump Program creates a mechanism by which concerned citizens can fund the installation of speed humps by establishing a Municipal Service Taxing Unit, which is assessed to those property owners who directly benefit from the installation of the speed humps.

Speed humps will only be considered on roadways which:

The process for obtaining approval for speed hump installation is as follows:
  1. 1  Residents should submit a petition signed by at least 66% of the homeowners within a subdivision or along a particular roadway to the Traffic Engineering Department.
  2. 2  Upon receipt of the petition, the Traffic Engineering Department will conduct a traffic study to determine if traffic conditions support the installation of speed humps.
  3. 3 If traffic conditions support the installation of speed humps, a public information meeting will be held to present the results of the traffic study, provide a preliminary design and cost estimate, and to give the affected residents an opportunity to provide input.
  4. 4 If the feedback received from residents at the public information meeting is generally favorable, a ballot will be mailed to each property owner to vote "for" or "against" the establishment of a Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) to fund the installation of speed humps.  This MSTU would be a one-time tax assessment to property owners located on the roadway(s) where speed humps are proposed.  The amount of the assessment is determined by dividing the total project cost by the number of benefiting property owners.  The total project cost is based on a unit price of $1,400.00 per speed hump plus minimal administrative costs.
  5. 5  If 66% of the returned ballots are in favor of the speed hump installation, the MSTU is scheduled for a public hearing before the Board of County Commissioners.  The Board of County Commissioners will make the final decision on the establishment of the MSTU.
  6. 6  If the Board of County Commissioners approve the MSTU, the speed humps will be scheduled for installation by the Highway Maintenance Department.  The Seminole County speed hump design (3" high and 22' long) will be utilized.
end of Orange County's report......

FIRST OF ALL, did anyone in Ashington Park receive these meeting notices??? Lake Price Drive runs INTO and THROUGH Ashington Park and NO ONE appears to have been notified of any hearings on this matter.

SECOND, if developers were "made" to pay for these bumps or else lose the right to develop their land, the handful of whining residents who requested these bumps in order to divert traffic from "their" road have no monetary tax hit for the bumps installation....

THIRD, Lake Price Road is a major north/south access roadway for Orange AND Seminole County residents,  leading to Highway 50 and the Expressway to the south and Oviedo to the north.  It is not a "local residential street".  With over 3,000 homes located in subdivisions on Lake Price Road, and estimating there are approximately 6,000 vehicles in the immediate area, there could be well OVER 3,000 cars on that road daily, putting the speed bump program out of its promulgated limits.....

FOURTH, where is the language indicating how the community REMOVES these road impediments? Lake Price Road is no longer a remotely located road to nowhere.  Current residents are endangering their  lives and homes by slow emergency vehicle response times.  Current residents are paying more money in gas to stop and go N I N E  times over these bumps, several times a day.  Current residents will pay substantial amounts of money to repair DAMAGE to their vehicles.  It is documented that speed bumps INCREASE AREA POLLUTION BY TEN TIMES!!!!!   They also increase the noise levels in a neighborhood and DIVIDE RESIDENTS.

FIFTH, Seminole County ABANDONED its speed bump program years ago due to insurmountable problems........