Commander Matt Brooks
Chief of Engineering
DOIC - 41st MSG
Assistant Editor -
The Photorp
Current Other Positions   
Xenexian Ambassador, Xenodiplomatic Alliance   

Former Positions 
1BDE Press Liaison Officer, SFMC   
R1 Summit Staff

Honorary Memberships   
Bennu Station    
Cascade Station   
USS Avenger 
USS Francis Marion
USS Destiny

Officer's Training School   
College of Communications - Doctorate   

SFMC Academy *Honors 
PD-10*, 12* & 20                                SO-10*, 20*
AE-10, 20 & 25                                    ME-10, 20*

R7 Awards
2002 Newsletter of the Year, 1st Runner Up

Region 1 Awards   
R1 Shuttle of the Year                       Honor Roll
R1 Best Shakedown Cruise            Let Me Help
Scholastic Achievement                   Good Conduct

SFMC Awards/Ribbons 

Legion of Honor  
Leader’s Commendation
Starfleeet Cross  
Great Barrier
Sword of Valor  
Legion of Valor  
Community Service Citation
Brigade Service Commendation  
Communications Service
Brigade Achievement  
Good Conduct Medal
Meritorious Unit Citation  
Honor Guard
Klingon Service
Miscellaneous Awards  
Certificate of Appreciation- Toys For Tots - ’97-2002   
Make a Difference - Martin Luther King, Jr. Award

OIC, 3rd BN, 1st BDE 

USS Inkosi
USS Banting
USS Tajarhi
ISS Olympia
Shuttle Firestorm

Officer's Command College

MD-10, 20, 25*  & 30*         AR-10*, 20
IN-10*, 20*                            CE-10*, 20


Meritorious Service                    "E"
Unit Distinguished Service 

Romulan Service
Wpunded Lion
Disaster Relief
Joint Service
Embassy Duty
Academic Excellence
Professional Development
Medical Proficiency
Marine Proficiency
Initial Entry Training
Medical Caduceus
Aerospace Wings
Aeromedical Wings
Recruiter's Badge

Commendation – 139th MSG
The Commander's personal shuttle
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