The Attack on East Cemetery Hill (Variant) from "Enduring Valor"
Gettysburg in Miniature by Scott Mingus played 12/23/03 NCHWS
View from the West looking east  
toward Cemetery Hill shows Rode's 
Division of Confederates advancing  against Union positions along 
Taneytown Road. Advanced 
skirmishers of the 55th OH delayed 
the rebel advance but by 9:20 
advanced NC regiments hit the green 136th NY and routed them into the Evergreen  Cemetery.  Carol's Brigade of veterans formed to plug the hole.
View from Confederate positions 
just South of Winebrenner's Run 
looking South at East Cemetery Hill  where the actual assault was made  unsupported the evening of July 
2, 1863. This time the commanding   generals did not assault this slope  directly but came flying down 
Brickyard Lane shrieking the rebel  yell.
This closer photo shows the 
furthest advances of the Secesh 
breakthrough on the western slope  of Cemetery Hill. The 4th and 2nd NC routed the 136th NY and charged in front of Mason's and Bancroft's Guns. After cannister fire only the 2nd remained to melee with the gunners as the  7th WV came on the double-quick to  attempt to throw back the assault and close the hole. Before more Rebs pour in.
This view looking North from 
Union lines on Brickyard Lane 
shows the 75th OH routing and 
the 17 CON shaken. The  charges by Hay's Lousianan's 
were twice thrown back and  
furthest advance of the Rebs 
was to the foot of the hill at the   wagon Hotel on the Baltimore   Pike and 100 yards from 
Wiedrich's 3" Rifles.
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