What is CPR Services?
CPR Services brings CPR classes right to your home or business in the Grand Cities Area. We merge together an informative CPR class, and a fun and comfortable learning enviornment.

What courses do you teach?
CPR Services teaches American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Are there different types of classes?

Yes! There are many classes to choose from. We have classes tailor made for Daycare Providers, Healthcare workers, new parents, babysitters, constuction workers, and everyone in between. And many of these classes require no testing!

Do your instructors actually bring the class to my residence / business?
Yes! CPR Services is all about learning. We feel that students learn more when they are relaxed and comfortable. Our classes make the learning process fun!

Is there a minimum number of students in a class?
We teach classes as small as 3 students, and as large as 6-8 students. We feel that smaller classes are more personal and productive. If there is a larger number of students, we simply hold more classes. We compile a list of students that need a class, but are not in a group. When we have at least 3 on the list, class is underway!
Convenience - Classes right at your home / business, or where YOU want it.
Scheduling Flexibility - We work around YOUR busy schedule. Nights or weekends not a problem.
State of the art - Equipment that is completely sanitary, with no messy cleaning!
Competitive Rates - Class rates lower than local competitors, with completion cards good for 2 years.
We Offer:
Our rates are some of the lowest you will find. Our prices range from $28 to $32 per student for most classes, and the cards are good for 2 years! (That's only around $15 per year!) Call for more detailed pricing.
Call CPR Services, and we will get you set up with a class today!
(701) 775-3416
E-mail us at:  petelarson@gra.midco.net
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