Today's Beacon News


Because stuff has a way of happening.

2-21-02 95% of the links on the menu bar should work now. Even though a lot of them don't have much to them, at least you won't get an error message now. We are compiling all of our info on the old Flea Beacon Comics,Short Stories and movies so those pages should be complete soon. Lucas has taken upon himself to began the Character Encyclopedia. Essentially, we plan to put everything that was in Beacon Packet #1 up on the site.

2-20-02 Guess who went to the Flea Beacon Movie Camp? That's right. We have many new details pertaining to the plot, new characters and a few of the cast members. Click HERE for the juicy details.

2-12-02 Something big is on the horizon. That's all I can say for the time being, but it looks like Beacon 5 is shaping up to be huge. We have the comics, links, interview and Letters to the Editor up in at least some fashion, though not a very good one right now. I mention this only so you know I am working on the page. I'm coding in straight HTML via notepad(the way any real man would) but that just means it will take some time.

2-08-02 Gave the main page a complete overhaul. I have a long way to go but the basic style of the page has taken shape. The Comics page is up and partially complete. Expect the Short Stories, Movies and Commercials to follow suit. After that who knows. No new info from the Beacon Camp lately, but I expect that to change as the final touches to the script our near completion.

2-02-02 Happy 2 Day!! We have learned a good deal about the upcoming F.B. Movie Plot and a little about some of the cast. To avoid giving away spoilers to the unwitting, we have placed this information on a separate page linked HERE

1-30-02Not a whole lot of new information the last few days, but sources tell me to expect some very soon.

1-26-02The rumors that have been circulating around the internet and the 'Beacon Underground' have finally been confirmed. Every Beacon fan's (Well, most anyways) prayers have finally been answered. Foop TV and Toppedome Studios have confirmed that the fifth Beacon movie, tentatively titled BEACON V: BEACON DANCE IF YOU WANT TO is undergoing the final refinements of the script with the intention of filming sometime in the mid-summer. Toppedome Studios is hoping to have the movie released by Christmas of 2002, but feels a more realistic date would be in mid-Spring of 2003. We'll keep you posted with details as we get them.

1-10-02 Uh...yeah.

1-09-02 The New Flea Beacon News Page has been put up.

12-27-01 I still have not received any replies from my sources in the know about whether there is in fact a new Beacon movie in the works or not. Though the Foop Crew is not confirming such rumors they aren't exactly denying them either. Two years ago similar rumors began to surface and the creators were quick to squash them. Maybe this is a good sign or maybe its just wishful thinking.