This section is for beginners of NQII. I hope this answers some of your queries.

How to play

Travel: Normal | Hunting
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You are in the village of Trestin.

-- Commands --
> Inventory & Party Info

You have 0 gold

You start off from the village of Trestin in Meridell with ONE player - Rohane (level 1). You can move Rohane in 8 directions: northwest, north, northeast, west, east, southwest, south or southeast using the compass on the right and the Refresh/F5 button on your browser/keyboard to move in the same direction that you are moving in the previous step.

You will encounter monsters to fight outside towns and villages, merchants to buy from, and other characters to interact with. You'll find 3 players along the way to join your party. When you encounter other characters (Non-Player Characters, also known as NPCs), you move close to talk or trade with them.

Certain kinds of terrain cannot be crossed: mountains, water bodies, rocks, building walls, and sometimes, trees. If you need to get to the other side, find another way.

When you encounter monsters, you have to fight them in order to move on. You could flee but you would have a better chance of escape when your team's level of experience are greater or on par with the monsters. My advice is to flee only when you feel you are overleveled. You can control how fast you gain levels by switching between the Travel : Normal | Hunting options so that you don't end up being underleveled.

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At the beginning...

Before you go off for adventuring, hunt around outside the village, not more than 2 steps from the left of the village. That way you can easily visit Mother for rest when you need to be healed. When you are at level 3, hunt in the mountains above Trestin or in the woods below. The plains aisha and the forest bearog there would give you more experience points than the plains lupe. Use mother for healing and save up the healing vials you've collected from the monsters. They will be needed in the Dark Cave; monsters in there have higher hitpoints, hit harder and drop healing potions less frequently. It would be wise to set off to the cave when your level is around 5. (check if you need a heal before you leave)

If you wish to be at a higher level when you meet the Foreman, hunt before the cave. It isn't necessary to hunt inside the cave. Monsters are pretty abundant in the Abandoned Mines within the cave.

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Where do I get the other 3 characters in the team?

Rohane's companions can be found in this order :

Chapter 1 Meridell - Mipsy the wizard
In The Town of White River, South. Can be accessed only after defeating Zombom.

Chapter 2 Terror Mountains - Talinia the archer
In Mountainside Inn. 

Chapter 3 Lost Desert - Velm the healer
In Waset Village Inn. Can be accessed after defeating Gebarn II.

What happens if I forget to get Rohane's companion(s)?

Don't panic. You will automatically get that person at the completion of the chapter.
If you are still in the vicinity, you might consider backtracking to find her/him.

What is overleveling?

Overleveling is inefficient. It basically means you get little or no experience points. Use the points gained from fighting monsters to gauge when you are overlevelled.

As a rough guide:
In the 1st Chapter Meridell, try not to hunt in the area when you start to get less than 40 experience points per monster. For the other chapters, 60points/monster is as low as you should go. In fact, I don't recommend fighting the monsters to the 60 mark. Why waste your connection time fighting to gain such low points when you get more from hunting new groups of monsters? Move on!

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How do I increase the players' levels/skillpoints?

The monsters and bosses you defeat will give you experience points and gold. The number of points and gold pieces may differ each time you fight them depending on your level and experience. The stronger/more experienced you are, the less experience you get for fighting that same monster. Make sense doesn't it?

They drop items like healing potions, weapons and armors after the fight. The same monster/boss do not always give you the same item. When you accumulate enough experience points, you gain a level (1 skill point as well) and your hit points increases.

Spending your skill point on a certain skill will make your character grow more powerful in that aspect. The maximum level you can go to is 60 BUT the number of skill points you have is 59.

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Dropped Weapons/Armours

In normal mode, monsters will not drop weapons/armours. Only bosses do. In other modes, you may pick up weapons/armours from monsters.

How to use Weapons, Armours and Potions?

These items are kept in your 'Inventory & Party Info' and you must go there to select what weapon/armour to equip your player. You CANNOT change your weapon/armour halfway in the battle.

All Healing Potions can be used regardless of whether you are in a battle or not.

Damage Potions, Slow and Haste Potions can only be used during a battle.

Resurrection Potions can only be used on the team member with no health when you are NOT in a battle.

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Can I skip normal mode and start on evil/insane?

No. You have to complete normal mode before you can play evil mode.
Once you completed evil, you can choose to play in either normal or insane mode.

You HAVE to complete normal AND evil mode before you can unlock Insane mode.

You might be surprised that people actually ask this question ^_^;

Can I restart the game?

Yes. Simply click on the options button under the navigation compass. (See figure on the right)

Travel: Normal | Hunting
- View Cutscenes -
Options | Main Page
You are in the village of Trestin.

-- Commands --
> Inventory & Party Info

You have 0 gold

You will be led to this page shown below:

If you have previously completed SOME or ALL of the modes, you can choose to restart in those modes.


What is the difference between Normal, Evil and Insane mode?

The difficulty increases as you progress from normal to insane:

  • You get less and less gold from each fight
  • Inventory items cost more and their resale value diminishes so be more careful with your spending.
  • You get less and less potions from each fight
  • The enemies have higher hitpoints and become more resistant to your attacks while your hitpoints for each level remain the same for all modes.
  • In Insane mode, you have to restart your game from Chapter 1 if everyone dies.

On completing normal mode, you receive 10,000nps, a bronze trophy and a prize.
For evil mode, you receive 20,000nps, a silver trophy and a prize.
For insane mode, you receive 50,000nps, a gold trophy and a prize.

In each mode, there are 4 types of prizes. The prize is randomly selected from them.
You can get 1 prize per game completed. It will be automatically added to your inventory.
You can play unlimited times to get prizes for normal and evil mode but in insane mode, the prize is given out only ONCE!!

How is my best time counted?

Time starts counting from the moment you press 'Click to Play Neoquest II'. It includes the time when you are not playing NQ2 all the way till you finish the game. If you wish to get the Fastest Win Trophy, here are the timings you have to beat. If you have the patience (which I lack) and the time to stay glued to your computer for an entire day, you can try for the Trophies. Good speed!

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What happens if the player(s) are defeated/dead/ 0 health?

Scenario 1: The health of ALL the characters in your party drops to zero.

You will be defeated, lose half your gold and automatically return to your last resting place. However, there are exceptions.
On Insane difficulty, should your party will be KILLED, you will have to start the game over! Yes, Rohane, you will see Mother again. Lets not be hasty in clicking the 'attack' button shall we?

Scenario 2: Not all your team members are dead.

You won't lose any gold or get sent back to the last resting place. The only forfeit is that the defeated character will gain less or no experience points. In the middle of a battle, if a player is dead and your half of your enemy is dead, you may consider fleeing the fight. This is to keep the player's level of experience on par with the team so they gain a level at nearly the same time. A dose of Resurrection Potion and a liberal application of Healing Potions will have your dead person(s) alive and hopping again.

If the team is close to a rest spot, and only 1 player is dead, you can choose to rest instead of using resurrect. This is provided you are confident that the remaining players can handle the monsters you might meet on the way there. Heal liberally to keep the rest of the team in green health. Ah, and make sure you aren't in hunting mode.

No Resurrection Potions?

Uh oh, no choice. You'd have to drag__ your dead forward or retrace your steps to the nearest resting spot or potions trader. Again, heal liberally to keep the rest of the team alive and no hunting. You can consider using the 'flee' button when you encounter monsters along the way. If you have no healing potions, good luck.

You should stock up on a few of those cheap resurrect potions in the first 3 chapters. I make sure I have one for each player on hand. Have extras if you are in a habit of attacking without checking their health. Once you get Velm, you probably won't ever need to use them BUT you should keep a few just in case.

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NQ2 guides

You might have read these before. (From Neopian Times)

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Tips and Tricks

Change the URL

If you find neopets somewhat laggy, try removing the www from the URL or changing it to petpage server.



If you get the 'Down for maintenance' page every few refreshes, the petpages is probably the better choice. Then again, I can't guarantee that it will work all the time, you know what neopets is like eh?

Stop loading the banners!

These info are for non-premium members.

Most of the time, I could ignore the banner on top of the new neopets layout. However, the banner becomes a pain, especially for someone using a slow connection to play NQII. The banner either: (A) Doesn't Load properly (B) Takes a super long time to load.

If you are using a browser that can let users have their own custom stylesheets. The info below might be useful to you. If you have software in place to block them, please ignore the information below.


For IE, copy the text below into Notepad, save it as a CSS file (e.g. np.css). The first line basically tells the browser not to display the top banner in the <div> and the second line hides the bottom banner:

div#ban,#ban_spacer{display: none !important; visibility:collapse;}
div#bottomban {display: none !important; visibility:collapse;}

Then open up IE, go to Tools/Internet Options/Accessibility, click on the "Format documents using style sheet" button. Hit browse, and select the .css file that you saved previously. Hit OK, re-open IE, and it should block the ads, and get rid of the white space. However, to fully stop the bottom ad, it is best you regularly update your browser/antispyware.

For Netscape Mozilla Firefox (or varients), you can download Adblock extension so the banner don't load. If you don't know how add your own set of filters, an adblock filterset is available in Mozilla's webpage. For Mozilla: Install an extension called Stylish which allows you to access your browser stylesheet userContent.css easily and write the below in your stylesheet:

#bottomban,{display: none !important;}

Older versions of mozilla may use ChromEdit that makes tracking down and making the config files easier. Restart Firefox after installation. If you already have that extension, go to the Tools menu, select dit User Files? Click the userContent.css tab, scroll to the bottom of the window and enter this:

#ban { display: none !important; }

And restart Firefox. Use that together with AdBlock so the banner don't even load.

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created 2/6/2004, last update:2/2/2007