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There are TWO forthcoming events - one certain, one possible - that have been confused in many published reports because they have not been fully understood, therefore our article originally published in 1993 has been rewritten and expanded in an effort to dispel many misconceptions of what is really going on. Either of these events is sure to create PANIC amongst the general population, therefore it is important to be prepared and lessen the impact on yourself and your family or friends.

Event No 1 - Entry into the Photon Belt

Our solar system journeys through the universe in a 26,200 year cycle, its path crossing what is popularly termed the Milky Way at right angles twice during that period. Every 13,000 years or so therefore planet Earth comes into a space/time overlap or period of NULL-TIME ..... an electromagnetic no-zone or energy vacuum, with complete absence of electromagnetic fields and the temporary suspension of the planetary grid system. When the pendulum reaches the destructive pause at the end of its swing, this is one of the results. This cosmic cloud is called the PHOTON Belt, the Milky Way or Monasic* Ring, and ushers in an era of Light (2,000 years of Enlightenment) after a much longer period of [biblical] darkness. We are now poised to enter this Photon Belt, and there is nothing we can do to avoid it. It is the ending of a cycle. Understand it without fearing it.

[* a Sanskrit word meaning the faculty of mental perception that receives impressions from the senses and transmits them to the soul ('Atman')]

Electrons are neutralised during this period and therefore the laws of electricity lapse - there will be absolutely NO electrical activity during this period, not even from batteries. The effects will be far-reaching.

To fully comprehend the situation it is necessary to have an understanding of electricity, light and its function and projection.

For those who truly understand physics (a la Walter Russell), a space/time overlap is when electromagnetic-magnetohydrodynamic changes begin to take place prior to or just before entering this null-zone and this moves what we might call the Life Zone of gravitational compression into a larger graviton spectrum. It will let your mind adapt more easily to a new frequency, this new type of light coming in, and it's going to allow you a much lighter compression so that you can come into knowing and more understanding much more easily. The final process of the time/space overlap will be an interfacing of two evolutionary structures. This is a touching or integration in some experiences between this third and fourth dimension of experience and an experience of the fifth.

Our solar system is moving into a new position in the universe, and in so doing traverses this Photon Belt. The stars will appear to "fall from the sky" - as we pass them by, for it is our solar system which is moving, not these stars. The following 2,000 years represent an era of "Light" - no night-time as we know it, as well as the next Ice-Age (but this latter change will be gradual, not instantaneous). We will be pulled more into the orbiting system of Pleiades where we shall have at least two suns.

Reports on this subject appeared in 1962, 1981 and 1992, and came from both traditional scientific sources (space research) as well as the oral traditions of Australian aboriginals, the Mayans and the North American Indians. Its influence began to be felt upon this planet as early as 1962 as we entered the fringes of the Photon Belt. This time period also heralded a period of great "UFO" activity. Entry into the Photon Belt has always been associated with ease of space travel - historically, space travellers arrived during the era of passage through the Photon Belt, or Earth inhabitants moved on.

By the early '90s the effects began to be much more noticeable, and polaroid photographs often produced unexpected 'sparkles' of light - the result of photons or gamma rays being picked up as they infiltrated the earth's atmosphere.

The Photon Belt was known prior to this, of course, but the information was not released for public consumption. There are many references to it in ancient texts, including the Bible. Very little real knowledge is permitted to filter down to the masses. Check for instance The Book of Revelation ..... "There will be no sun, moon or stars."

The "Ozone Hole" problem and alleged effect of ultraviolet rays is in fact a cover-up of the dangers which entry into this Photon Belt presents - these photons are invisible penetrating rays of light which can be extremely damaging, just like X-rays.

Earth will be a place created for those who make the transition, and this is most likely to happen during the null-zone, when everyone is responding to the correct vibration frequency so that it will be easier for the armada of more evolved beings to lift us from this planet to the more beautifully created place where we will have more balance and harmony to continue - ie, in the fourth dimension. Some of us, on a higher level of understanding, will go to a higher dimension than the fourth. Those who do not make the transition will experience death of the physical body; those who do will have a much lighter (less dense) physical body.

Because of the reduced solar radiation the temperature can be expected to become cooler and ice-caps will extend to a lattitude of about 40 degrees in both hemispheres - this is why recorded 'Ice'Ages' seem to last 2,000 years. It is interesting to note that the world communication centres and fixed satellites, U.S. military bases and experimental sightings are within the 'safe' zone. Note however that, as the earth is supposed to 'slurp to one side' the current position of lands should be quite different at that time, so it cannot be said that these places WILL be in a 'safe' zone. Read the works of Edgar Cayce and others regarding future climates in North America and elsewhere. The poles will be quite far from their present positions.


As this Belt is continually contracting and expanding, it is rather difficult to be specific about the exact timing of the event. There were reports in 1992 that this could take place in July of that year, but the information stemmed from government sources, who were deliberately confusing the issue. A satellite was to be released at that time to set alight the Van Allen Belts, which encircle our planet, where nuclear radiation from Earth had accumulated, causing a similar effect [see Event No 2].

The most likely date for this event is towards the close of the millenium. As it appears to be connected to the transition from the third to fourth dimension, the period 1999 to 2001 is a safe bet - by that time the Earth's population will be only a fraction of what it is today, due to depopulation, therefore many of the problems foreseen and outlined here in the Guidelines for action will not be applicable as our present economic, political and spiritual state will have been drastically altered by then.

Following this event will be 40 years without rain. Nostradamus said of the year 1999: "and it will rain no more, but in 40 years, it will be normal." Now we have a more definite sense of timing.

According to Eric von Daniken in his book Chariots of the Gods, there is a tribe in South America which was given an object by the 'Sky People' thousands of years ago. They were to keep this object clean, listen to it and ..... when it hums like a thousand swarms of bees we will be returning, they said. This cosmic alarm clock started humming about 1978.

Effect of Entry

There are TWO possible scenarios.

Should Earth reach this PHOTON Belt before our Sun does, the sky will appear to be on fire and there would be three days and three nights of blinding light. Welders' goggles would be needed to protect eyes from this light, as it would burn out the retinal nerves, and this would continue for 110 - 120 hours. This is a cold light, therefore there would be no heat. But there could be radiation, so one should remain indoors.

If the Sun reaches the Belt first there will be a similar period of immediate and total darkness, without the sun rising. All molecules will become excited and atomic structures will change at this point in time and all life-forms will have a certain luminescence about them, creating their own light system.

Signs of the approach of the Photon Belt are said to be strange lighting effects or colors in the sky, a perception of less light - even in midsummer, and a gradual darkening of the planet itself, with final entry into total darkness taking 15 - 20 minutes.

Some plane crashes and 'balls of lightning' can be attributed to or result from these particles of blinding light. Likewise, many instances of cities going off the grid, electricity shutdown, radar system malfunctions (at airports, for instance) stem from entry into the fringes of the Photon Belt. [Often they are man-made ]

The Earth's grid system will be nullified (this is a natural energy pattern which criss-crosses the globe - and is used by both military and extra-terrestrial craft). There will also be tremendous physical jolting, which will cause earthquakes and other geophysical events, consequently destroying communications, including transportation, which will in turn create food and other shortages.

Living creatures will feel a jolt of energy upon entry into the belt, and many physical bodies will not stand up to this electrical charge. It will be akin to putting one's finger in a live light socket. There are three types of bodies on this planet - corporeal, atmospherian and etherian: this will be our change from corporeal to atmospherian, for those who are ready and can take it. It will happen as stated in the Bible - 'Ye shall be changed to immortality without the separation of death in the twinkling of an eye." Animal life will react by early hibernation.

It is interesting to note the biblical reference to THREE DAYS AND THREE NIGHTS OF DARKNESS. We can find no reference in any ancient or modern text to the people of Earth being permanently blinded, and for this reason we would infer that preparation should be for total darkness rather than blinding light. But it might be wise to have these welders' goggles available as a precautionary measure, as there are other dangers. [see Event No.2]

Photon energy is the energy of the future. It was being used in the early '90s for high-speed transportation in the form of the AURORA aircraft, which flies at close to the speed of light, and is completely silent in flight. This was covered in the May 1993 issue of Popular Science as well as elsewhere, but whether it was American or Russian in origin was still a question.

Event No.2 - Ignition of the Van Allen Belt

Scientists had warned that, if nuclear testing did not end by the early '80s, radiation would commence to fall back down on earth by the year 1993. Someone had the 'bright' idea of resolving the matter by burning up this radiation by using linear beam weapons. Fortunately the satellite despatched to do this in July 1992 failed just thirty minutes before ignition time. If this experiment had succeeded, the light would have been so intense that no-one would have been able to go out of doors for three days unless they wore welders' goggles, and there would be massive blindness everywhere on the planet. Many people did in fact purchase welders' goggles at that time (and they may still be necessary, as further similar attempts are made).

In May 1992 it was reported that an army of satellites had been launched in order to drain-off photons from the Photon belt, and thereby delay entry, but again this appears to have been a cover-up of the activities referred to above.

Guidelines for action

when EARTH meets the PHOTON BELT

or VAN ALLEN BELT is ignited

[Hopefully you will have to hang on to these instructions for quite some time yet!]

To counter the effect of this brilliant light (either from entry into the Photon Belt or ignition of the Van Allen Belt) one should obtain welders' goggles fitted with a #15 lens - this may be difficult to obtain, therefore we recommend rectangular flip-front goggles with the standard #5 lens plus an extra #10 lens which can be added on top of the existing lens to give adequate protection. This then gives a clear view with the front flipped up; and affords protection when lowered.

Prior to anticipated date, ventilate well all rooms in the residence or office as OXYGEN is of prime importance. Remove possible pollutants and do not plan to carry out painting or redecoration work around this time. Keep welders' goggles handy, at home or in the office, as well as a headache remedy.

Should an increase in the intensity of daylight be noticed, immediately darken all windows in the house after first putting on welders' goggles with the dark lens flipped upwards, so that one can still see clearly indoors. Retreat to the centre of the building, or below ground-level. At this point everyone should be confined to the building.

With the total failure of electricity, public services will fail - communications, telephone, water and power are dependent upon electricity - as are gas pumps, public lighting, radio and TV. One must be entirely independent - and isolated. The confusion and lack of services will continue well beyond the 120 hour period: prepare for at least ONE WEEK of emergency operations. Illumination will be limited to propane lamps or candlelight (see Note 8 below).

Cancel all travel plans for that time period - air, sea and land transportation systems ALL depend upon electricity. Automobiles are dependent too upon an electrical battery (even when the fuel tank is FULL!) and will cease to function, creating chaos on the streets. The only means of transportation will be a bicycle - but even it will have no possible means of illumination (remember, TOTAL darkness prevails) other than propane or candlelight.

[A similar effect was experienced in the State of Utah on July 18th, 1994, when all traffic stopped on Interstate 15 near Farmington, a northern suburb of Salt Lake City, except for an older vehicle - without electronic ignition (prior to 1983) - which weaved its way past all other stalled vehicles: but if its battery had failed, it would have suffered the same fate. It was reported that at that particular moment four helicopters were seen hovering over the freeway: when vehicles restarted about an hour later, these same helicopters were seen flying off in formation, so this was obviously a high level experiment. This is the same effect as a UFO has when it approaches a vehicle.]

[We should also mention another event which would permanently disable all electronic systems: EMP or electromagnetic pulse - the result of the above-ground burst of a neutron bomb.]

KEEP OFF THE STREETS!! Plan a program at home which will keep everyone as occupied as possible for at least three days. There could be widespread activity during this period which would affect the public in general. Darkness can also be a time for dark deeds. This could vary from political activity to criminal acts, so security should be a high priority. In the case of blinding light, many will still move around - blinded by rage - and will be dangerous.

Ensure premises are secure at all times. Security systems will not be working. This is prime time for vandalism and crime in general, so ensure that one has a means of identifying without any shadow of a doubt who might be at the door - or play it safe and allow NO ENTRY whatsoever. Let close friends know of the arrangement.

The complete lack of heat should not be an insurmountable problem unless the event occurs in winter, and should be overcome with extra clothing. Bodies also give off some heat. It has not been accurately projected what the effect would be of three days without normal daytime (solar) heating, but assume that there will be a considerable drop in temperature. Ensure nevertheless that there is ALWAYS an adequate supply of fresh air, despite any cold. Woodstoves would be most advantageous for both heating and cooking, if a supply of fuel is readily available. Be sure to check or extinguish open fires before going to sleep.

Light and heat can be supplied by candles but it is more important to note that most candles give off undesirable fumes. Ensure that what you use are 100% beeswax candles. Propane or butane can be used in a well-ventilated area for lighting, cooking and heating purposes, but one might be well-advised to do without cooked foods over this period.

NOTE: Pure beeswax candles are non-allergenic, burn 20 to 30 times longer than traditional candles and give off three times as much heat, providing a relaxing atmosphere with their honey-sweet fragrance ..... just what is needed at a time like this. Note that many so-called 'pure' beeswax candles are coloured, which means that they are NOT 100% pure (talk to the bees about that one): a pure beeswax candle has to be honey-coloured, although honey gathered from buckwheat gives a much darker (almost chocolate-coloured) candle.

There are also special 'survival candles' which can be used for heating purposes and burn 72 hours non-stop if necessary. One of the other essentials is a natural, plant-fibre wick, which ensures long-life.

Propane can also be used for lighting purposes - either outside or in a well-ventilated room, attended at all times. One may therefore need several propane tanks, for different purposes or for various locations. Our preference would be for the environmentally-friendly, sweet-smelling beeswax candle.

Drinking water must always be a top priority. Ensure that there is an adequate amount in a safe location. A further water supply will be necessary for personal hygiene, washing utensils (or use paper/plasticware which can be discarded), cleaning and toilet flushing. This further supply might come from a covered rainbarrel or container in the garden (most buildings in North America do not have a holding tank for water).

FOOD - use up freezer/refrigerated supplies prior to the expected onset of this period - otherwise there might be a lot of garden fertiliser at month-end! Alternatively, extra-thick insulation around a full refrigerator in a cool location might well prevent spoilage, except for very sensitive items. Cooked food (hotpot, for example) could keep one going for a day or two, as it could be eaten hot or cold.

One might not be able to cook except by propane or survival candles, so work out necessities for one week which will not spoil: dried fruits and juices will be the mainstay of the diet, but add vitamin and mineral supplements to that. Remember this is just a temporary inconvenience. It could well be a test period for greater hardships in the years to come.

[Conversely, we may well have similar hardships PRIOR to this event - food shortages may hit hard about 1997]

* * * * * * *

Revised March, 1996.

Some Relevant


"If I say, 'surely the darkness will hide me, and night shall be my light' - For you darkness itself is not dark, and night shines as the day." [Psalm 139:11-12]

"He who survives those three days of darkness and horror will see himself as alone, because the earth will be covered with cadavers." [St Gaspar del Bufalo, founder of the Fathers of the Precious Blood, died 1837]

"When the moment of the last crisis has come, there will be nothing to do but to stay where God has placed us, lock ourselves indoors until the wrath of Divine Justice has passed." [Father Nectou, Jesuit provincial who was considered a saint and a prophet - died 1777]

"God will send two punishments: one will be in the form of wars, revolutions and other evils; it shall originate on earth. The others will be sent from Heaven. There shall come over the whole earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights. Nothing will be visible, and the air will be laden with pestilence which will claim mainly, but not only, the enemies of religion." [Blessed Anna Maria Taigi - died 1837 - a woman saint]

Madaleine: "Lord, I was afraid because I thought I was going blind"...... CHRIST: "Tell them that everyone on earth is like that - in darkness.".......... [Revelations of the 'Glorious Cross' Dozule, France, 4th January 1974]

"We began hearing people say, 'Why is it getting dark at this hour? What's going on?' And so, therefore, I know that this darkness that's coming is going to be happening during the daytime when people are going to be confused at the hour in which it takes place."

"As I was prostrating myself in prayer, a vista opened up in front of me. It looked like a colossal inferno. It was night (at least pitch dark), the ground was black, and what must have been the sky was a murkish reddish-orange glow, like a fire, although I did not see any tongues of flames. As I looked, I saw the silhouette of two or three groups of angels hoisting upwards a few, three or four, dead bodies. Directly behind the angels the colour of the red-orange was very intense. ONLY A FEW! Then the vision ceases." ..........[20th January, 1986 - an American scientist and seer, a refugee from communism in Europe]

"The judgment will come suddenly and be of short duration. Then comes the triumph of the Church and the reign of brotherly love. Happy indeed they who live to see those blessed days." .......... [Father Bernard Maria Clausi, O.F.M. - died 1849]

* * * * * * *

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