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Whirlwind's micro-heroes featuring a gallery of Micro-Heroes from many corners of the Marvel Universe and beyond. Thanks to the all the Micro-Heroes creators who have their Micros displayed on this site. There is a large focus on the Spider-man universe through out the years. I have also started working on various X-men characters, most notably New X-Men and X-Statix. For links and more information about micro-heroes click the micro-heroes button below.

What's New - Updated August 17, 2003

  • Added Sage, four versions of Wolverine, Beast, two versions of Cyclops, three versions of Jean Grey, White Queen, Professor Xavier, Ernst& Martha, Donald Trask, Cassandra Nova, John Sublime, and Bishop to the New X-men section.
  • Added Rogue (Uncanny X-men #182) to the X-men section.
  • Added Killmonger to the Black Panter section.
  • Added Typhoid Mary, Silke and Elektra to the Marvel Universe section.
  • Added Lacuna to the X-Statix section.
  • Added Rhino and Hammer Harrison to Spider-Man Villains of the 80's.
  • Added two versions of the Vulture to Spider-Man Villains of the 60's.
  • Added Corona to Spider-Man Villains of the 90's.

    What's New - Updated June 16, 2003

  • Added Silvermane and updated versions of Big Man, Montana, Crusher Hogan, The Burglar, Crime Master, Fancy Dan to Spider-man Villians in the 1960's.
  • Added Hammerhead to Spider-man Villians in the 1970's.
  • Added an updated version of Chameleon to Spider-man Villians in the 1980's.
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