A Thomas Kinkade Painting

True friends are like diamonds...Precious and rare. False friends are like leaves...Found everywhere!

Quoted by a dear friend...Tmtpep

My name is Ann and I am from a small town in NW Pennsylvania. I love computers and spend a lot of time chatting. I am learning to make web pages, and I have met so many nice friends in the year that I have been in chat that I would like to dedicate my homepage to all of you. After all, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here! The names are too numerous to mention, but you know who you are.


~~The Gate~~

~~~Opening the gate you took that chance...Like the tiny seed planted lovingly in the warm earth....tended to with gentleness and care.... Speckled buds sprang to life...slowly evolving to the splendor of the full bloom...Strolling the path you opened your heart to me...your hand touched mine... Color kissed petals whispered their joy....for true friendship holds a bounty of rich rewards.. Magically...the gate swings open....we pass through together...for all time..~~~


Copyright © 1999, Ebbtide, and Copyright © 1999, M2 - All rights reserved. Use of the poems on this page is forbidden without the prior consent of the writers.

I would like to thank two very dear friends of mine...Ebbtide and M2 for the lovely poems they wrote especially for my homepage. They are two of the dearest friends anyone could ever hope to meet. I hope you have the pleasure of meeting them too.


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