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Of the units that were sent to Immingham, only 2 motor coaches remain of the class 303s. Some units were on site for months, they obviously took a lot more effort to scrap than the Class 411's that were arriving on site at the same time. These were usually worked on almost as soon as they arrived, with the 303's only been scrapped when the site was quiet. Unfortuntely, due to a lull in 411 arrivals the 303's were mostly scrapped. Thanks to Dave Swan for this information. Dave Swans Website


303032 returns home

The 2 trailers from 303032 have arrived at Boness, the motor coach 61503 which is from 303023 will be arriving next week. 61512 which was 032's original motor coach was damaged at Immingham.

It is thought that motor coach 61864 from set 088 is being stripped for spares for 032 at Shields as it is seen without doors and some windows.


The other trailer from 303088 was seen leaving Shields at 10:35 this morning leaving motor coach 61864 at Shields, it will probably go tomorrow or Saturday.

303032 returns North to its new home.

303032 which has been at Immingham for asbestos checking since its withdrawal in Summer 2002 is on its way North on the back of a low loader to its new home at Boness and Kinneil Railway. It is not known what state internally the unit is in.


303088 on the move

Today at Shields I saw one of the trailers of set 303088 being loaded on to a lorry at around 1.30 this afternoon. This will be to take the unit to either Immingham or Shoeburyness.


334001 named

Juniper 334001 was this morning named "Donald Dewar" in memory of the late First Minister of Scotland. This unit becomes the first 334 to be named. The plaque was revealed by the current First Minister, Jack McConnell.


Entrain Magazine reports that vehicle 75613 from set 303013 is to be used by the Police Training centre at Gravesend as a training vehicle. This vehicle is to be used in place of a trailer from 311104 which was deemed unsuitable.


303088 moved

303088 has been moved from the siding beside the shed at Shields to the siding where 303040 and 75624 lay for years. It also looks like the set has been uncoupled. Could a move to Immingham by road be imminenet?


334 locations today during rush hour.

Ayrshire Lines


Argyle Line


Cathcart Circle


North Clyde







Correction to Previous Story + 334 trailer seen on lorry.

303088 has not yet been moved, it is still stabled at Shields Intact. There are no Indications as to when it will move to Immingham. Also on 14th February, a class 334 vehicle (number unknown) was seen being loaded/unloaded from a trailer at Shields at 1:30pm. If you have details, Please let me Know.


303088 gone

303088 was moved on Friday to Shields, where the motor coach was loaded onto a lorry for removal to Immingham, it is expected that the trailers will be moved tomorrow by rail at some point. Seemingly it was too expensive to repair the motor coach to allow the complete set to move by rail. Rumours are rife that 303001 will be preserved instead of 303032 following accident damage being received to the set during shunting by a JCB at Immingham.


303088 makes freedom bid.

Last Monday 303088's brakes jammed and the unit suffered a wheel flat at Rutherglen when being removed to Immingham with 011 and 043. Following many attempts to unjam the brakes 088 was dumped into the siding next to the station and remains there with 011 and 043 going on to Immingham. It is not known what will happen to 088.


75624 gone

the last reminance of class 303s at Shields has been taken away for scrapping. Also 011,043 and 088 will go to Immingham on Monday.


303001,004 and 009 for scrap

Sets 1,4,9 are to be taken to Immingham for scrapping tommorrow morning. 9 will only go if fit to be moved but 1 and 4 will definetly be going. This will mean that after tommorrow there will be no full sets of 303s left in Scotland.


303011,043,088 going for scrap.

On Monday at 6:30 in the Morning 011,043 and 088 will be taken to Immingham for scrapping. This leaves the remains of 040, 024 and 028 as well as 001, 004 and 009 at Shields. 009 is not able to be moved at the moment so it could be a while before they are moved.


303040 moved by road

GBRail.org.uk reports that a trailer from 303040 was see on the back of a lorry heading down the M74. Maybe its going to Immingham for scrapping.


303003,083 and 090 were taken to Immingham for scrapping. The journey was delayed due to smoke coming from the motors of set 003 while it was passing through Bellshill station. Thanks to Marty for this information.


3 More 303's for Immingham

On 13th January 303003, 303083 and 303090 will be taken from Yoker Depot to Immingham RailFreight Terminal for scrapping. This brings the fleet left in Glasgow down to sets, 001, 004, 009, 011, 040, 043, 088 + some assorted extra vehicles.


303 Preservation, what is happening?

Doubts over the preservation of 303032 have arisen following the news that the unit was damaged during shunting at Immingham. After looking at the fleet list on the Junction website (see links page for link) that 303085 (if you remember the unit with the sliding windows) hasn't been scrapped and is still at Immingham after being moved there in September. This leads me to believe that 085 may be the unit that goes to Boness. Other possibilities are that Boness may take one of the recently withdrawn units in refurbished form such as 001 or 004 as they are still seeing use at Shields at depot shunters. 032 was to be restored to unrefurbished condition as 048 was before it was scrapped. I think Scotrail, SPT or who ever gets the new franchise should put money aside and restore 2 units which could be used for outings and special occasions and even in service if there is a unit shortage.


New Service and timetable improvements on Lanark Service

The Introduction of a new service from Lanark to Dalmuir via Holytown, Hamilton Circle and Glasgow central Low Level has increased Lanark trains to half hourly. This marks and an improvement in services on the Lanark Line. Also noted from this are that services have been retimed. The only complaint is that there is not more trains to and from Lanark at rush hour.

Morning Rush hour trains from Lanark 7.22, 7.44, 8.22 (also 8.03 from Carstairs which doesnt call at Lanark)

Evening Rush hour trains from Central LL to Lanark 16.27, 17.08, 17.40 (also the 17.27 to Carstairs which doesnt call at Lanark)

From Lanark departure times are

  • xx.22 via Shieldmuir, Bellshill and Central
  • xx.52 via Holytown, Hamilton and Central
  • At Motherwell Hamilton and Bellshill circle services leave at
  • xx.46 to Bells
  • xx.50 to Hamilton
  • Central has trains leaving

  • xx.08 Lanark via Hamilton and Holytown
  • xx.18 Motherwell via Bellshill
  • xx.38 Motherwell via Hamilton
  • xx.48 Lanark via Bells and Shieldmuir
  • Please note that during rush hour the times change and some trains go to Coatbridge. and also some workings differ from above, I accept no responsibility for wrong travel advice. For full timetable try Scotrail website or at local stations.

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