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Hey, look! It's Webgrrl! I get asked a lot of questions - like "how do I get started?" or "how do I...<fill-in-the-blank>...on my page?" Here are some of the most often asked questions and my answers. If you don't find what you need here then please e-mail me.

How do I make a page on GeoCities?
See the References section below.

How do I get my GeoCities E-mail?
Here is the page with e-mail information:

I uploaded my page but it still says I have not moved in yet. Why?
You need to create an index.html page (name it exactly that) as your HOME PAGE so that it will come up first. It needs to be saved in the regular directory - not a subdirectory. Then link all your other stuff to it.

How do I get my files to GeoCities?
You can use the GeoCities Filemanager located at:
or you can use any FTP program like Cute FTP or WS_Ftp.
If you want to use FTP here are the directions I found on:
You will be submitting your files to:
The system will welcome you with "Connected to", pause, then prompt you. In the User field, type your GeoCities membername and press enter.
In the Password field, type your GeoCities password and press enter.

How do I put pictures on my page?
Graphic files for web pages must be in one of two formats - .jpg or .gif - or they will not show up on your page.

To insert a graphic in your page:
1. Upload the graphic to your space.
2. Put this code where you want the graphic to show up: <img src="your_file_name.gif" alt="describe your graphic here">
* 'img src' means image source.
* 'alt' means people will see the description you type in while the image is loading and, in version 4 of both Netscape and IE, when they pass their cursor over the image. It is also good for people who have turned off their images (it happens) or who are sight impaired (their browser speaks the text you put there!).

3. Make sure you spell the file name 'exactly' as your saved image file - GeoCities is case sensitive.

To make your graphic a click-able link put the link code: <a href="link_to_page.htm"> then the graphic code: <img src="your_file_name.gif" alt="describe your graphic here">, then the end tag: </a>.
It will look like this: <a href="link_to_page.htm"><img src="your_file_name.gif" alt="describe your graphic here"></a>
To make a word (or words) the clickable link put the link code before the word(s) and then the end tag.
It will look like this: <a href="link_to_page.htm">Joe Smith's Dog Show Page</a>

Why don't my graphics show up?
See  #3 above.



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