My fOuR-OnE-One

Eunhee Chon


February 14, 1983



ShOut Outs:

Geoff.. i know you're in a better place... and that you will always be shining down on us with all your love! We will always love you.... we miss you... rest in peace!

Cindy, Don, Eric, Grandpa & Grandma Lloyd... I LOVE YOU GUYS!... you all have been so strong... thank you for everything... you guys are the BEST!... i'm always available to help in anyway i can...i will always be there for you all... stay strong! Much love and respect!

Eun, Tuan, Miyoung, Yumee, Mijin Unnie, Annie, Hyon, Dennis, Jenn.... i want to thank you guys so much for being such a great support. Stay strong... I'm here for you guys, always! I love you all!

Steve oppa, Jay oppa, Jason, Pete, Dustin, Cliff, Connie, Ricky, Gabe, you guys are great! thanks for your support and always watching out! Thank you.

For all those close to Geoff...
James H, James L, Tommy, Trevor, Chris... and many, many more.... stay strong... you guys are great! Take care of yourselves... He'll always be with all of us! Much Love and Respect going out to all you guys <3

Pizza Hut Friends: Hang in there... he's always watching out and always in our hearts!

For anyone that I missed... I apologize. 

I'm so lucky to have such great people in my life!!! Thank You.
Always keep your heads up! Take care and be safe!

*~~~I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS!!!!~~~

  Posted: March 12, 2002~~>   (taKeN by My SwEeT hUnNiEe GeOff ^_~*)      <~~Posted: March 12, 2002
*hUgS N k

I feel so blessed and thankful that Geoff was part of my life...he always will be ^_~
Geoff ... you will always be in my heart! My first true love<3 Always Loving you~*  You will never be forgotten!!!!

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