the late
20th Century


poems from downtown Edmonton

easy as pie.
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               The sublime music of change

and the terrible fate of most socks 





heart of a carnival


an epic about a couple of days 



sticky fruit juice dribbles down your slurping lips & chin

Waves of Rococo
she lifts her cigarette like a white word with flame contained on its slim tip.

A beautiful woman, a candle lit dinner 
a strange, intrusive memory





mosh poem 



I Used to Walk the Street, Saturday Night


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why (& however could) poems, like drunk children, jump



7 printmaking methods 1997     the portrait ongoing the 3 minute portrait experiment (25 in a 3 day marathon)2003  the Carnegie Hall Sessions 2001   lil' nudes (paint on photograph of large life studies) 1997-2003 pen & ink drawings from t.v. 1994 "Rachmaninoff" & other Composers (very recent work in development) 2003  portrait of an artist as a young man (& other novels drawn by me) 2000-2002 paintings of C.R. Avery's "A Shotgun Wedding"  2002 moonmojo(5 songs) 2003 the diarial adventures of Mickey the Swan 2002 (the late 20th Century . Bop) 1988 a contribution to Jabbar Al Janabi's "Anu"2001 commercial work ongoing  studies of bus stops  1988  studies of taverns 1988        sign guestbook       view guestbook

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