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Revision: 0.2 (Playtest release)

Rules Classification
Period: 18th Century
Level: 12 figures = 1 Company
Scale: 15mm
Basing: Regular troops - 3 figures per base
Dice: Six sided dice (d6)


Grenadier is designed as a short set of small unit rules with emphasis on rapid play. The rules are designed for the players to take the role of an officer commanding one or more companies of troops.

This release of Grenadier is intended for playtesting and does not contain the full complement of rules or scenarios that are likely to feature in the final set.

Please note that this is a playtest release of the rules. If you download and try them please visit or subscribe to our rules discussion group and help us to improve them!


The key features of the system are:

The Rules

The rules are available as a native Adobe pdf file (147kb).

Please note the rules are published in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.pdf). If you do not have a copy of the reader software you will not be able to view the document. To get a free copy please select the link at the bottom of this page.

Revision History

Revision Comments
v0.0 First release for playtesting
v0.1 Minor clarifications
v0.2 Corrected error in morale rules