The Odinic Rite: a Radical Movement!

by Heimgest CG

Originally published in Northwind No.5

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If one bothered to ask, most "pagans" would probably say they considered themselves to be "radical". In this article, the term radical implies opposition to the establishment and prevailing codes of present Western society. In many ways, these prevailing codes have been shaped by Judeo-Christian thought patterns and while it is undoubtedly true that Christianity is on the wane among our folk, many of their legacies are still with us. Just as the pollution from a chemical works may poison the Earth for many years after the works themselves have disappeared, so the poison of Judeo-Christianity is still corrosive.

It is, as all pagans claim to know, an essential tenet of Judeo-Christianity that their god - Yahweh - is separate from the rest of creation. He sits outside it. By dint of the fact humanity was "created" by him in his image, we are also outside nature. The rest of nature is somehow corrupt, actually "sinful". There is no need or point here to argue about this or to show its utter falsehood. Suffice it to say this is one of the fundamental differences between Judeo-Christianity and the pagan religions.

Pagans (or most pagans) of all stripes hold that all, the Gods, Earth, flora, fauna and humanity are all parts of creation, or nature, and linked. So far, I doubt most pagans, let alone Odinists in particular, would disagree with this article. Realising these things, most pagans would therefore hold contra-views to the ruling establishment on subjects of ecology and conservation. Instead of being indifferent to, or in many cases actually hostile to our environment and environmental heritage, they would seek to preserve and defend it. Indeed many "pagans" play a very praiseworthy direct role in opposing the destruction of our lands.

But here, true Odinist organisations such as ourselves - the Odinic Rite - part company from many who call themselves pagans, and in fact show it is us who are the real radicals, the true revolutionaries. For despite these other pagans' genuine desire to preserve our environment, to protect our Mother Earth, their efforts (which can be very energetic) are hamstrung from the outset, because while they believe themselves to be in direct opposition to the "monetary powers'" development (destruction) of our lands, they still share an ideal foisted upon us by the Judeo-Christian creed and their equally infected successors - the ruling establishments and media. This is the idea of "equality".

Western Governments and media, whether they call themselves conservatives, socialists or liberals, relentlessly push this idea of "equality". Whether they themselves really believe it is debateable, but it is a useful sponge to soak up the votes of the masses. This article is not essentially about the fallacy of equality so it will not deal with the many destructive policies exacted to clamp down on those who rise upward. It is enough to realise the idea that all humanity is somehow "the same" is at the heart of this thinking. Both the "left wing" and the conservative camps wish to dissolve all diversity and barriers within humanity, thereby creating a mongrel folk - a human soup devoid of all unique features, destroying the unique cultures, gifts, traditions etc. of each race group and heralding a Khaki mass who are cut off from the unique and diverse roots which created and maintained differing folk groups.

We may expect politicians and financiers of all stripes to welcome this and work for this. After all, a uniform mass can be catered for by mass production thus cutting production costs and opening a bigger consumer market. It will also be easier to control. True, in the cities they may rape, maim and kill each other, but that does not threaten the establishment. But a folk with no heritage, no proud past, is lost in the present and does not consider a future. In such a society, the population is far easier to control: give them booze, porn and other material trappings and they will never seek to rise beyond that.

Yes, we may expect the politicians, multinational businessmen and their puppet masters to welcome this. But we can be surprised when those who call themselves "pagan" go along with this view (or maybe not so surprising given the saturation media coverage on this point and the laws of the land). For many of them have not the slightest conception of the diversity of folk groups. While they will fight to defend a species of any other creature from extinction, protect its natural breeding grounds etc., when it comes to the survival of their own folk group they care little. Here they are just as afflicted with the idea that humanity is separate from nature as the most rabid Christian or plutocrat. They will fight to save an ancient monument, but not help preserve the folk group whose ancestors built it.

Odinism is a folk religion - whatever else it may be. Its essence is that of a folk religion. We are as concerned to preserve the diversity of race groups as we are to preserve the diversity of bird life and all life. Each species has a role, a unique role, to play in creation's spiral. Without these diversities, creation takes a very different turn - one in which the Earth as we know it and all creatures (humans included) will be utterly changed and most probably eradicated.

Too often this wish to preserve the uniqueness of race groups is called "Race Hate". In actual fact it is just the reverse. Can anyone honestly say that the destruction of unique cultures, religions, organisms is desirable? Can anyone honestly say that the creation of a human soup, lost from all past (and therefore future) is a good thing? Could anyone honestly call the wish to preserve species race hate? Indeed it is a high compassion. In this, the Odinic Rite and comrade groups like us (such as the Asatru Alliance of the U.S.) are truly radical - the great "heretics" who will not succumb to the establishment order.

This may not be popular today and it may seem "hard", and it is doubtful it will "earn you gold". Quite the reverse, for this view will be hated by the New World Order and the sheep who mill across all lands. It will lead to attacks, verbally and sometimes physically. It will mean maybe you find you have almost nothing in common with most members of society. Perhaps that is the hardest part of all, for mankind is a social animal and the desire to fit in or be "accepted" is great. How much easier to "Go with the flow". We have even come to a situation where some who call themselves Odinist or Asatru have ignored the essential fact that ours is a folk religion. Often this is done so they can be commercially successful and tout their wares to all.

Uncomfortable truths are not popular today and those who live by them (as best they can), and who espouse them, are revolutionary. In diversity is opposition to the vile ugly mores foisted upon us. In diversity is life. We say Yes to Life! and in these times are therefore the true radicals.

Sig and Wunjo! Hail Diversity! Hail Life!

Heimgest CG

©2003 The Odinic Rite

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