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by Robert Blumetti


The Folk Faith is a religion of love, joy and happiness. I never tire of repeating this. It is destructive and counterproductive to dwell on hate and sadness. Life is short and we should spend as much of our lives enjoying it, and that means enjoying each other's company and the good things in life. We should celebrate life, because when we do, we are celebrating the Gods, and thus strengthening the bonds that unite us with them and with the universe. But we are not blinded by the fact that there is great destructive and malignant forces in the universe that seeks to inflict harm and suffering on us, and even destroy us. We do not advocate a false concept of love, which includes the love of a whipped dog, who cowers and begs at the feet of his oppressors.

We cannot love everyone and everything in this universe. It is ridiculous to love those who seek your destruction. To love someone who hates you and wishes to do harm to you, is insane. Love is a quality that should be used with discrimination. Love those who love you! And hate those who hate you! Do not go seeking enemies, and try to make friends among all whom you associate, even among those who are alien, who do not belong to the Folk, or do not believe as we do. We can respect everyone, even if they are different. But if we are to survive, we must recognize that not everyone we meet in life feels as we do. Most will be indifferent to us, and some will be downright hostile and feels threatened by our very existence. It is best to waylay anyone's suspicions by being honest and forthright, showing respect to all as individuals and treating everyone with the same respect that we expect from others. But if this not work–be on your guard!

People always talk about a universal love as the foundation of a better society, but the truth is that universal love has never been a motivating force in which to built a society. There have been many movements claiming to be motivated by love for our fellow man, but they have all proven false. The reason is simple–to raise the ideal of some form of universal love above all other emotions is unnatural and impossible to accomplish. All "love movements" have turned toward killing those who disagree with them, or at best, hating those who disagree with them. Even the so-called Hippie movement of the Sixties, which was suppose to be motivated by universal love and peace was filled with hatred for all who disagreed with them and eventually turned to violence.

The Folk Faith does not claim that there are good and bad emotions. Everything depends on how it is used. Love is wonderful. Everyone knows this. To be surrounded by those who love you is wonderful. But to love those who hate you in insanity and will insure your eventual destruction. Do not waste your love, for anything that is used too often eventually loses it value. Love those who love you, with all your heart, as strongly as you can, but never turn the other cheek toward those who hate you or wish to cause you harm.

The Folk Faith is not built upon some false doctrine, but on human nature. Thus, we recognize that as humans, we possess the power to both love and hate with a deep intensity. It is harmful and destructive to force yourself to try and love those who hate you. It is unnatural to love your enemies. Since we are a religion based on what is natural, we consider it harmful to suppress what is natural. To love everyone only cheats your love toward those who deserve your love. You should release your hatred toward your enemies, and this can be done through ritual and ceremony. These rituals help to cleanse yourself of your hatred and obsessions with your enemies and release any pent-up hatred that will interfere with you appreciating those who deserve your love, and this includes the Gods.


Joy to you all,

Bob Blumetti

Hail Odin! Hail Balder!