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Odinism and the Race Question!


I never cease to be amazed by those who associate Odinism with racialism, or who think that an Odinist can be racist in any way. Sadly there are some who are attracted to our faith as a result of this misconception: however as they soon discover, being an Odinist is incompatible with racialism in any form.

Why do I bother to write this, quite simply because it is a myth that seems reluctant to go away, and I object to seeing my honourable faith maligned without good cause.

At this point it would be well if I clarified the above on religious grounds: as an Odinist I'm taught by my faith that I'm a part of the natural order of things, thus I and my fellows are linked to the manifestations of Midgard, be they climate, plants, animals and of course the very earth I tread. This teaching leads me to treat all natural aspects of Midgard with respect: here I would cite a recent Grand Moot where the Director of the Court spoke about our being the Weros, and our relationship with nature and being green. The obvious conclusion can only be that as other races are a natural aspect of life on Midgard, they are as worthy of respect, as any other form of existence, just as the aspect of animal life represented by myself is worthy of respect. Here I must be very honest and say that it took quite an effort to shake off the baggage of centuries of alien teaching and accept that I am in fact a part of the natural realm: however it was a necessary action if I was to come to terms with the teachings of my faith, and be able to claim to be an Odinist.

There is of course another side to the question, for just as within the natural realm of plants and animals there is continuing competition for such resources as food, water and living room; it would be foolish to pretend that similar competition will not exist as between this or that group of people. In fact this can be seen today in respect of the debate between ourselves and say the Germans and French with regard to the EEC; so it would be foolish to pretend that competition and conflict does not exist as between the various peoples of Midgard, and will continue despite the best intentions. Too it would be nonsensical to pretend that we are not living in a time of change, for with modern communications and travel, people are moving around Midgard in ways that could not have been envisaged say fifty years ago: and it would be foolish to imagine that such change will not produce frictions and annoyances and some very real problems. However Odinism is not a faith which looks back to some ideal past, it always has been and always will be a faith of today that looks to the future: and by its example and code of ethics, gives a lead to how its followers can face change and solve their problems in an honourable way and in accord with the ethics of their faith.

However the crux of the matter is that in accord with their religious beliefs, any true Odinist will not be swayed by considerations of race, culture and faith in respect of their dealings with anyone: for innate to their faith is a respect for such things in others. However, and this is where some might be confused upon the issue: the Odinist not only gives respect to others, but demands it for themself. Thus as an Odinist, I will require that my own beliefs in faith folk and family, and of course my native culture are respected, and I would defend them: just as I would expect others be they of any race or culture to stand by their own unique ways.

So when as an Odinist I stand up for the ways of my own folk, and refuse to accept alien concepts; it is not as a racist, for I'm doing no more than I expect of anyone else regardless of their race or creed: and I refuse to accept less for myself, than I'm prepared to grant others.