Last Updated: July 4, 2000

Gallery Editor: Raquel Uriate

One Life Central is proud to bring to you some exciting group photos of OLTL cast members. 80% of the pictures you see on the following pages are scanned by me from various soap opera magazines. The other half were obtained from ABC daytime and other OLTL web pages (proper credit given). If you would like to use any of the pictures in One Life Central's Photo Gallery. Please e-mail me and ask me first. I require some kind of credit if you use them on other pages, and ask that you not alter the pictures, or not link to the pictures. I usually say "yes" to photo requests, so don't be scared to ask!

The galleries are arranged by storyline. If you would like to see individual cast photos, please see: The Cast of One Life To Live

If you are looking for pictures of the minor cast, see: Minor Cast Gallery.

If you are looking for pictures of ex-cast members, see: Past Cast Gallery.

If you would like to see supercouple photos, please see: Romance Central


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