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Emergency Dog Links
Updated June, 1999

bird - ka manu

You've Been Touched by an Angel!

This Award-winning public service page has been brought to your attention by someone who cares about you, and knows that the safety and well-being of dogs are important to you. At first glance, this may smack of corniness, but imagine for a moment that a dog you know or love is (Heaven Forbid!) lost, or ill, or injured, or poisoned. Would you know what to do?

Should tragedy strike and time is of the essence, this page may instantly become your second-best friend.

Familiarize yourself with these links ahead of time. The invaluable information therein may prevent unthinkable nightmares from ever becoming grim realities and panic-stricken crises for you and yours.


starfish - ka pe`aDog Emergencies

starfish - ka pe`aDog First Aid & CPR

starfish - ka pe`aDog Poisoning

Disasters - Preparedness

starfish - ka pe`aTraveling with Pets

starfish - ka pe`aVeterinary- Health Information

starfish - ka pe`aSomething to Think About Ahead of Time

starfish - ka pe`aLost Dog & Prevention of Loss

starfish - ka pe`aBereavement - Loss
To help you deal with your dog's journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

starfish - ka pe`aAnd... just for fun and edification:

For seashore inspiration, click on the starfish.

Bookmark (Control + D, "as in Dog"), if you wish, for your easy retrieval.

Now, it is your turn. Sharing is not corny, but an expression of the Aloha Spirit. It's plain 'ole caring. By sharing this with others, you extend and perpetuate its intended Aloha and Mahalo.


Do you have on-line friends and family with dogs?
Kindly share this with them!
Make a Positive Difference...with just a few keystrokes!
You may save lives and keep hearts from breaking.





Your Friend:


Other helpful ways to "Spread the Word" about this page:

  • Directly Email this URL: cc: all your dog-involved friends and family in your on-line address book.
  • Email your breed- or topic-specific email List group, forum, or newsgroup, and urge others to forward it on:
  • Post a link on your website: If you wish to link this page to your site and were about to ask: NO permission is needed to do so.

ANY which way you share it, YOU'RE AN ANGEL and may you be amply blessed for doing so! You never know, by helping others, the heart you'll keep from breaking may be your own.

Nani ke ola, me ka mahalo,
Life is beautiful, with thanks,

A Sweet, Smiling Sheltie Angel


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Dog Poisoning

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Recipes for Dog Treats

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Traveling with Pets

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Veterinary - Health - Emergency Information

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Mahalo to the creators and writers of these links for their generous sharing of their knowledge, time, and creativity, who return the love from their dogs with enlightening words that enhance the well-being of all of our dogs.



This page was created and is maintained as a service to the public, in memory of a loving friend. One dog (or its human) helped fulfilled its purpose. Over its short online time, the steady stream of heartwarming-- and at times heartwrenching-- email tells us that its purpose has been fulfilled at least a thousand-fold. Every reasonable effort is made to keep the links at this site up to date, and your help and/or feedback is most welcome. Email us. Blessings to those who have helped to maintain it by reporting broken links, as well as to those who write to simply offer words of appreciation, encouragement and Aloha. Mahalo nui loa.

On Sharing

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