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Hi! Welcome to my website, the new and improved Tsitika’s Page. (By the way, I'm Tsitika on In The Orca's Wake, and Orcasforever on Orca-Live :) Just to clear that up) The site is named after the beautiful whale A30, also known as Tsitika, after the river of the same name. She's the matriarch of the A30s, my favourite pod and the ones I adopted.
The idea of this site is to, eventually, provide a database of all the wild whales in BC, and in time, the captive whales. This will take a while, but in the meantime, check out General Info to find out everything about the killer whale! Or PLEASE, SIGN THE GUESTBOOK *points at the link above*. Or check out our Contest!
Whatever you decide to do, I hope you enjoy my site! Feel free to email me, especially if you happen to have anything I can use on this site! Thanks for coming, and enjoy!


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