It's almost four years after"A FAN'S ENCOUNTER"...


On March 23rd,1997, the SHE MOGUL traveled to California to surprise BABYLON 5's Richard Biggs(Dr. Franklin), who was completely unaware that he was the subject of this webpage.This is a small sample of this incredible experience in pictures.

Special thanks to DORIS PAIGE and VALERIE CRAWFORD for accompanying me on this very special expedition!

"You had no idea, did you? And we had a blast!"

"Rick, this is my web page."

"WOW, this is GREAT!!"

What a perfect way to say, "Thank you."

The SHEMOGUL&Richard Biggs

MARCH 23, 1997

"Rick, your joy was my pleasure. Thanks for your support!"

This very special event was a party following the performance of "LOVELETTERS" at the University of California-Irvine's Barclay Theater.

This benefit for the Aliso School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

was directed by Richard Biggs.The stars were


MaryBeth Evans & Stephen Nichols

All images are Copyright 1997 by T.A. O'Neal. Not to be used without permission.

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