Richard has, without knowing, had a impact on my life. I realized that while at a shopping mall in Milwaukee, WI, where he was appearing in a seemingly empty store. With only a handful of people present, Rick was suddenly present in the aisle on the other end of the store. Several little girls ran to greet him with a hug. At that point, the store was now filled with women. Captivating his audience with candor, Rick's jovial personality made for an unforgettable experience. I vowed to follow his career.

Richard Biggs has made the transition from daytime to primetime television with flying colors. With playing the young doctor seeking the truth about his family's civil rights activities or, now, the driven Dr. Franklin on BABYLON 5, Rick's talent is underrated. A few years ago, while watching "DAYS OF OUR LIVES", I noticed that Rick was missing from the cast for months. Supposedly, away on a medical convention, it was obvious that his part had ended. I was livid!!!

To make matters worse, another actor was fired from the show. I decided to voice my displeasure in letters to the producers of the show, as well as a few parting words to the actors. I wrote three letters that were mailed in a large envelope to NBC. On the actors' letters, I wrote, "Please Forward". Six months went by. I was pleased that I completed this task. But never in my wildest dreams was I prepared for what was to happen next...

After a long day of both work and school, I arrived home to find a message on my answering system from Rick. Ecstatic is an understatement to describe my emotion at that time! He requested that I return the call. Although I did return the call, I never actually spoke with Rick.

But the number one question that I was asked by EVERYONE who heard this story was, "What did you write." And quite honestly, I can not recall.


Not only the fact that Rick took the time from his busy schedule to call, but that this letter was forwarded through many channels to actually reach him is SIMPLY AMAZING. The impact of this letter on my life has given me the drive to write.

As I complete my senior year in college, my goal is to cultivate my writing into a career that relates to the public relations/publicity medium. He has been instrumental in my self-realization. I am eternally grateful for his part in this author's reach for her DREAM.


"A FAN'S ENCOUNTER" Copyright 1997. This story is property of T. A. O'Neal and can only be used with permission of the author.
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