Yes, I visited with Rick Biggs as he gave me a PERSONAL tour of the set of the BABYLON 5 film, "IN THE BEGINNING".

First, we had lunch on the set with the cast and crew, which included creator J. Michael Stracynzski, producer John Copeland, and actor Peter Jurasik (in full old Londo make-up!). "I'm not worthy!" After lunch, I had the pleasure of meeting everyone from JMS to the receptionists. Hey, I was privileged to view the new B5 trading cards before they were available!
Make-Up!Then, we headed over to make-up. It's a trailer outside the set building, which I understand used to be a hot tub warehouse in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. I was amazed at how this was as any other job you or I might have. The make-up crew enjoy talking to Rick. Not to mention, it had the coolest temperature outside of the set building itself. They were very gracious hostesses, who work long hours.I must say that atmosphere was relaxed and casual, yet everyone took their work seriously. No glitz or glamour! "Hey work is work!" But they have fun when Rick stops by for a visit!
One of the make-up artist even had a moment to give Rick a haircut. Later in my visit, Rick directed me down a long "familiar" hallway. When I realized that this was the hallway seen on B5 in various "sectors " where citizens and crew travel, I said, "Hey, this is familiar!" Rick giggled as we continued to the set, where the actual shooting was in progress.
Haricut, please! After having a personal introduction to the director of the film and a visit on the set of the pivotal scene in the film where Londo recalls a story of his reign to several young children, I take a set during the filming of the scene. Rick is called to wardrobe to get fitted for his new uniform. While observing, I had the pleasure of chatting with the set teacher, Richard Feldman, who has recently visited this web site. He tutored the young actors that appeared in the scene.
Rick's a blast!
I had a wonderful time visiting Rick and the Babylonian crew. Of course, I returned home with all sorts of BABYLON 5 merchandise and great memories...and the envy of all friends .

"Rick, I did have a LOVELY time!"

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Updated 1/15/99