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The Official Website Of Our Red Earth
Greetings...and welcome to the official website of Our Red Earth, a forming non-profit (501c3) organization concerned with First Nations issues, civil rights, and human rights.  As you will soon discover, the purpose of our website is to provide an enormous amount of authentic information, primarily by way of links, on topics of relevance to the American Indian People.  You will notice that our homepage is oriented toward American Indian activism, but one will also find a great deal of American Indian cultural/general links, as well as links to general activist resources and other like information.  We are now offering our own resources as well.

Our Red Earth Organization: Our Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Our Red Earth Organization to support and assist the American Indian People while promoting a lifestyle imbued with Traditional American Indian values and beliefs.

The Our Red Earth Organization works to maintain a network between Indian Country and the potential support which can be gained from online efforts, as well as the material support which can often be had locally.  The organization seeks to provide cultural support, when possible, and is active in such efforts as organizing letter campaigns, drives for monetary donations, clothing drives, and other such assistance oriented efforts.

The Our Red Earth Organization is adamant in the promotion of Tradition and stands firmly against the rampant exploitation and selling of American Indian beliefs, ceremony, and culture.  Our Red Earth stands in firm support of all First Nations in their ongoing attempt to re-attain Sovereignty, Culture, and Pride as American Indians. 

The Our Red Earth Organization stands in firm opposition to all forms of racism, most especially the ghoulish tendency to plunder Sacred sites, the burial grounds of our Ancestors, and the apparently acceptable philosphy that is the norm to discriminate against - even  murder - American Indians and expect to go unpunished. 

Our Goals
1. To (eventually) provide a small emergency assistance fund for reservation-based American Indian families in need.
2. To generate interest in the issues and struggles facing today's American Indian.
3. To promote education and the re-attainment of or exposure to one's Traditions and Culture.
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