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PACIFICA officially started in 1992, although Cherry has been actively involved with Filipino-American organizations teaching and performing Philippine Folkdances since 1981.  The purpose of this cultural group is to preserve and promote the Philippine culture and heritage.  PACIFICA also has a Polynesian Group and performs at luaus, weddings, country clubs  and other cultural events.

Cherissa Rodriguez Chastain is the founder and director who trains members to be better stage performers and be the pride of the Filipino community.  Many of the members have been trained by the director in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hula for many years.

Although the group does not receive government grants from the Oklahoma Arts Council (due to limited national funding), Cherisse gives of her free time to teach the younger Filipino-Americans our native folk dances, and, along with, the members and parents, spend their own money for costumes and props, to proudly present a glimpse of Philippine culture through its songs and dances. PACIFICA has performed in many cultural events and festivals around Oklahoma and surrounding states, and as far as California and Virginia.

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