The only prints of Tamala Krishna Goswami's Lotus Feet...

I personally took his prints in 1981. They have been in my attic since then. I have made copies of his lotus feet. They are like the Srila Prabhupada feet in the temple-made of brown clay. They used "my prints" on all the samadi's as apparently they are the only ones in the material world. I will ship them to your place. They are at a discounted price as some person made them at extra low price. They are made of brown clay and weigh about 3 pounds.
contact me if you have any questions or comments
Pandava vijaya dasa
Cost of Lotus Prints:
$50 + $25 shipping in USA
$50 + $50 shipping outside of USA
$50 + $75 shipping in Australia, New Zealand
$50 pick them up in Dallas, Texas

send money order made out to M. Plotkin:
M.Plotkin/Hare Krishna TV
5424 Parry ave
Dallas, Texas 75223 USA

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