Show 111d. Good news with Tamal Krishna Goswami, Radha dasi, George Harrison
The show starts with a news report about the Dallas temple and how it has become a place of great beauty. One of the chefs of Dallas Temple restaurant, Kalachandjis, is guest on the show "Taste of Texas" and the host tastes a spoonful of the restaurant food and is floored. He cannot believe how good it tastes. Tamal Krishna Goswami is asked a question and he explains how God can be reached though any bonafide religion not only Hare Krishna. Radha Dasi a Harvard Law graduate explains why she is a Hare Krishna and how much it has meant to her. A standard peanut butter sandwich is made and the viewer is shown how to offer any vegetarian food to the Lord. The show closes with devotees from London reminiscing about the early days and George Harrison's assistance and involvement with the fledging London temple

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