show 118d this is really good with Krishna kripa, George Harrison, Srila Prabhupada
The show starts with a segment from Good Morning Texas where the chef at Kalachandji's vegetarian restaurant brings some cuisine. The host of Good Morning Texas tastes it and exclaims, "This is really good, really this is very tasty". We briefly visit Kalachandji restaurant and later George Harrison and Eric Clapton play the song "My Sweet Lord." Krishna Kripa explains how perform mantra mediation, why it is so easy and effective. He explains how consciousness pervades the human body and where the soul is located. Damodar shows the viewers how to do mantra mediations and invites the viewer to meditate with him. The viewer is shown how to offer his food to the Lord and make it sanctified food. The show closes with George Harrison leading a kirtan with some Hare Krishna friends.

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