Show 127d The Genius of Srila Prabhupada with Bir Krishna Goswami, Kurma The Cook,Radha Dasi, Dr Kliever
The show starts with the Lotus band playing Govinda Jaya Jaya live. Bir Krishna Goswami explains the science of Krishna consciousness. Radha Dasi a Harvard educated lawyer speaks of the benefits of being a Hare Krishna for herself and her family. A peanut butter sandwich is offered to the Lord and the viewer sees how to connect with the Lord through this peanut butter sandwich.. Bhaktin Emily explains how Krishna consciousness has made her glow. Dr. Kliever the head of the Religion dept and SMU explains the genius of Srila Prabhupada. We visit Kalachandji's Garden Restaurant in Dallas and one of the chefs from Kalachandji 's makes an appearance on a TV food show and the host is very surprised by the great taste of the vegetarian food. Kurma the cook shows how to cook a vegetable dish in its own juices. The show closes with George Harrison chanting Hare Krishna with his friends.

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