show 134d.The Hare Krishna philosophy with Krishnashetra dasa,Kalachandji complex, Nikunja dasi
A person that works at Kalachandji's restaurant gives the viewer a tour and mentions the extremely clean kitchen. The visitor to the complex is encouraged to visit the wonderful Vedic temple called Kalachandji's Dallas Palace and the viewer is given a panoramic tour. Krishnakestra dasa, a professor at University of Florida, is asked what the Hare Krishna philosophy is. His answer weaves a web around stopping the cycle of birth and death. He explains how this is done with an emphasis on association with the Lord through his name. Nikunja dasi invites the viewer to chant the lords name with her or to listen to her sound vibrations. George Harrison plays the harmonium and lead a small assembly in the musically chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra.

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