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Anuttama dasa
The response is largely due to your commitment to carry on and try to reach
people with Prabhupada's message. Your sincerity continues to bear fruit.
You've got tons of viewers. Did you know no other producer tells me they get this much response?
Eric Marques
Programing Director Houston Media Source
I watch the show about twice a month...pretty cool stuff.
Hank Lee

hey I saw you on TV on that Yoga show-You were very handsome on TV. I like that vegetarian & yoga stuff. I was just surfing through the channels and saw the show. I liked it
Britt Hansen

Good Luck. You are doing nice service. Please forgive me if I can't help.
Sridar Swami
Thank you for providing the ONLY entertainment there really is...
Kunti devi dasi
Dear Pandava,
Very significant! He knows people are watching just as I know Krishna is
watching you.
> >Thanks. I've put you on Fridays 6:30pm beginning November 10, 2000. Eric Marques
Programming Coordinator
Houston MediaSource
713-524-7700 ext. 20
Krishna is surely helping you with your TV service and
therefore you are getting nice realizations. Make more and more TV. Hare
Tamal Krishna Goswami
EXCELLENT! You are doing effective preaching work. Don't give up!
your servant,
From time to time in the history of life something comes along that just
makes perfect since! We at Krishna Broadcasting
( ) and Sai Baba, USA
( Would like to voice our support for Dangerous TV/HKTV!
You may find the on the World Wide Web at:
As Sai Baba of Shirdi has taught, there is only one Religion. And as
Srila Prabhupada has shown, the best way back to Godhead is by the
chanting of the Holy Names! And, the best way to learn of Sri Krishna is
through ISKCON and with the help of Dangerous TV/HKTV!
I would encourage one and all to contact them at Dangerous TV/HKTV and request a
Sample tape!
And, from time to time we at Sai Baba, USA will give you information
about the different items on the tape that we think you may like!
I do not like to give numbers as to how many people receive this letter
from Sai Baba, USA but today I will ~ 17,391 Of that number only one person has asked the following question!
Just what does Sai Baba of Shirdi have to do with ISKON?
Is ISKCON wrong! They teach falsehood!
So, many of you responded to that statement! ISKCON teaches the way back
to Godhead. Sri Baba taught us that there is only one religion. And, as
most of you know, Sai Baba did teach the chanting of the Holy Names of
We have an e-book about Sai Baba and the chanting of the Holy Names. If
you would like to receive it, just let us know and we will send it right
And, remember, if you make a donation to the project it must be made
payable to Sai Baba, USA
Thanks for the look. Nice TV shows for the public.
Nagaraja dasa
editor of Back to Godhead magazine
It is always a pleasure to see your insatiable enthusiasm for spreading Krishna Consciousness. Hare Krishna.
Tamal Krishna Goswami
Thank you Prabhu. I must tell you having the tape you sent has done me a world of good. My father, a Methodist, was so impressed with Tamal Krsna Goswami that he ordered a set of his lecture tapes. He said "that man is serious about prayer". I have been a devotee nearly five years now and I have been waiting for that moment. You are doing are a great service. I am sending you a donation in about a week. I hope all is well with you and your family. I just wanted to thank you and wanted you to know my good news about my father. Take care. Haribol!
Vrinda dd
Dangerous TV/HKTV is the Greatest show on Earth
Hridayananda das Goswami
Hare Krishna! The video came today. Perfect timing. North Carolina is
covered in snow and I was stuck at home. Thank you for sending it.
Krishna is so beautiful! I am enjoying seeing HIm on my TV screen so
much. Some friends came by to chant and watch it with me. This is
such a good service-it has made me feel more connected to devotees today
and I really needed that. Thank again! Haribol!
your servant,
Vrinda dd
Prabhu thank you very mach for all the inspiration,Visvarupa
Hari Bol,
I ordered the Xena tape. What a story for the Xena TV program!! All my
friends want to view it. Anyway, I enjoyed the samples from your weekly TV
show that you included -- and would like to become a Dangerous TV/HKTV member. My name,
address and phone is:Patricia Pompa
Keep up the good television service. I've heard from a few people from Houston now settled in LA who have seen your shows and come to the temple because of them.Nrsimhananda dasa ITV
Very impressive statistics! You must be working very hard. YS Anuttama dasa ,GBC
Hari Bol Prabhu's.
I was given a video of sample Dangerous TV/HKTV shows and was very impressed.
I will be sharing whatever I receive from you, with other Devotees and friends of Devotees.
Please make me a member and recieve videos of Dangerous TV/HKTV each month.
Thank you for your wonderful service.
My mailing address is: KAPARDINI DASI
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Yes, the TV shows you are making are really dangerous, so I think that was a good idea to advertise them like that. They are dangerous because they are about Krishna. Krsna is dangerous for the non-devotees because He attracts the mind and causes us to give up our material attachments!
YS, Vipramukhya Swami
Good work, Pandava! Keep the camera filming! Hare Krishna. Tamal Krishna Goswami
I have watched the Kurma shows. They are very nice. Bir Krishna das Goswami
You are doing very nice service, and many devotees appreciate it, as do I. Ravindra Svarupa dasa Ph.D.
I can't wait until Dangerous TV/HKTV is everywhere. Kurma the Frog is a great likeness, and the voice is outstanding! All glories to your service, to Srila Prabhupada, and to Dangerous TV/HKTV!!! Jayasri devi dasi
The videos shows 7 & 8 were fabulous, i've recently sent them to a friend in texas.
ys, alex Jablonski take care and haribol
Dangerous TV/HKTV is the greatest show on Earth...
  • Hridayananda dasa Goswami
    "Great shows! This is a wonderful medium for presenting Krishna Consciousness. Sakuntala devi dasi is the ideal interviewer, and the shows are a chocker block full of interesting and informative material. Highly recommended!"
  • -Vipramukhya Swami

  • Channel-surfing for God,
  • Praise the Lord and pass the remote control
  • Article in Magazine mentioning Hare Krishna TV January 1997

    ELLE magazine is the largest fashion magazine in the world and available in many languages. January 1997, volume XII, number 5, NO 137, page 31

    Part of article....
    "Then there's the religious niche market: Broadcast out of the Houston, Texas temple, the garage-style Dangerous TV/HKTV may only reach an audience of 10,000 but it incorporates video of a punk band playing a speed-metal version of the Hare Rama mantra, then segues into interviews with "famous" devotees like the great-grandson of Henry Ford and offers instruction in meditation, alternative medicine treatments, and vegetarian cooking. Though channel-surfing for swamis may not be your idea of must see TV, in the bold new world of user-friendly cable ministries, it's nice to know that everyone is giving the televangelists a run for their money." ELLE magazine 1997

    Yes, whenever I come to Houston you and Sakuntala must do more and more shows with me!-- Tamal Krishna Goswami

    Nothing of value is easily achieved. Big trees take a long time to grow. The more experience you have, the more difficult things will get, because the greater the expectation you will place on yourself.
    Patience, enthusiasm, determination=bhakti.
    Tamal Krishna Goswami

    So many people in material world are being negatively affected by television. So if you can enter into this area and give people Krishna Consciousness, this will be very wonderful.-- Bhakti-Tirtha Swami

    "What a wonderful tool for networking with the community at large. Shows the Hare Krishnas as real people as well as spiritual guides." -- Sila Ditya devi dasi (initiated 1973 in Buffalo)

    "I have watched with great interest your KRSNA SHOW being shown on Houston TV. Great preaching tool. New people enjoy watching TV and having the philosophy presented by doctors and Ph.D.'s. They really know how to present Krishna Consciousness. Personally I enjoy the footage from around the world. Hare Krishna places I had only read about in BTG." -- Bhakta dasa (initiated 1970 in Los Angeles)

    I am happy to help you in your nice service. I'm glad to hear it is going so well. Hoping you and your good wife are well,-- Hridayananda das Goswami

    Very impressive.keep up the good work.-- Brahmatirtha dasa interviewed Srila Prabhupada for book "Perfect Questions:Perfect Answers"

    Prabhu, this is your friend Brahmananda writing you. I have been seeing the nice work you are doing to develop your media distribution. Brahamananda dasa (initiated first initiation in NY)

    "The interviews with Hridayananda Maharaja and Ambarisa were very interesting!#7#8#9 My mother was visiting recently and was very appreciative of their preaching.. She felt there was a mood of trying to bridge the gaps between different faiths(she's Christian) and a more mature presentation of Krsna consciousness philosophy than some of the preaching she remembered from leaders 10 or 15 years ago. It's good to hear different examples being used to preach to the public. HDG is expert and highly intelligent. thanks again and keep up the wonderful TV show."
    Sita devi dasi-Toronto

    "Something for all devotees: philosophy presented by special devotees and interesting footage from around the world . Thank you for the time involved in making such first class productions. " -- Durasaya dasa (initiated 1977 in St. Louis)

    "The Houston Hare Krishna show is a prime example of how a sincere and energetic devotee can use his drive to present Srila Prabhupada's message to thousands of viewers in a very attractive and interesting way." -- Kalanantha dasa (initiated 1972 in Portland)

    You have done the impossible there by getting on the airwaves so much.--
    Nrsimhananda dasa..

    I think these TV programs are a great preaching tool. People welcome the Hare Krishnas into their living rooms through the TV. Keep up the good work!-- Murari dasa-WWW sysop

    love the idea of Dangerous TV/HKTV. As you probably know, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Maharaja said the printing press was a mridanga that could be heard around the world. So, clearly, both he and Srila Prabhupada would be very appreciative of your service, using the broadcast medium to spread Krsna consciousness. Very nice. Hari Bol!-- Randy Leighton ,USC Software Systems user liason for the GAMS project

    That is a really wonderful idea "Dangerous TV/HKTV". Have you two ever thought to video some of the festivals at the temple, or some of the services on special days? You could show the dieties and the happy crowds enjoying kirtan and chanting! I plan to put my tape to work and chant daily with you , Guru Bhakti and Vishnu and enjoy the kirtan with you too. When I played it I wanted to sing and dance and clap my hands too! -- Sanat & Manisa Mehta

    Any chance you'll get syndication? I keep hearing about a 500 channel world. I don't keep up on TV technology too much, but if that point is ever reached, imagine the enormous amount of programming that'll be needed. Sounds like a shoe-in for Dangerous TV/HKTV, don't you think?--Jitendriya das

    Hare Krishna! Namaste. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada! I received the tape of Srila Prabhupada chanting japa yesterday and it is all that you said it was and much more. If you ever need an endorsement please feel free to use this letter. Thank you very much. Gaura Nitai ~ Hari bol ~ Hare Krishna!
    Yr servant, Srestha dasa-
    PS: I am looking forward to ordering some of your Hare Krishna TV shows. The people of Houston must be especially blessed to be able to watch such transcendental subjects on a steady basis.
    like this excerpt. from ELLE magazine It is really complimentary. I too think that you are to be complimented. I've only seen two shows, but both kept my interest.
    Allan Reece Ph.D
    It sounds like you really have good momentum and are using this powerful tool in Krsna's service.
    Satsvarupa dasa Goswami
    I really enjoyed watching the HKTV tape. I even saw someone I know. Bhakta Dave was playing guitar in the clip of "Mahatma"
    Michael and Amy Hobson
    We have just received the video. Thanks a lot for your service. It is very appreciated by a lot of people.
    Nitai Rama dasa Switzerland

    Video tapes of TV shows in NTSC(USA) or PAL format

    Dangerous TV/HKTV Ordering Information

    Dangerous TV/HKTV nominal pricing

  • 4 shows(2 hours) for $19+$3 in PAL $19+$10 including shipping anywhere.
    To order, send mail to Michael Balarama or Pandava vijaya dasa. Mastercard, Visa, and checks(made out to ISKCON) are accepted.(need credit card number,name as appears on card, expiration date) Be sure to include the address you want the programs shipped.

    or send checks(made out to ISKCON),cash or money orders to:
    Dangerous TV/HKTV
    box 273402.
    Houston, Texas 77277 USA

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