HTML Links & Advice

"Where did you get these fabulous graphics and how did you learn to build this page?"......Well, now that you have asked, I will give you my advice on building a web page.


This is probably the Golden Rule of web construction. Learn HTML and/or learn to use your HTML editor before making grandiose plans. At work, we have used Adobe PageMill to build our web site. With an editor, you usually don't have to learn HTML, but you are limited to what that editor can do.

Most of my Geocities pages have been done on their editors and using Geocities' editors involves learning a lot about raw HTML, but knowing the basics of HTML is good for creative freedom. To learn HTML Athens2090 is a good place to start. Create It ~ 101 is also a good place to learn about web construction; in fact, I wish I had known about this site when I first started my page. Lycos Web Design Guide is another good resource for web building information. Sausage Software Home Page is a must for any web builder. They have links to soft ware, HTML editors and graphics, and most of what they have is free.

HTML editors have improved a lot since I began my home page many a year ago. Way back then it was faster & less frustrating to type in the codes, but recently I've found editors that I really like. At work we use Adobe PageMill, which is considered by many to be the best and easiest to use. I have done this page on Netscape (currently using version 4.6), which is so much easier to use than their first editor which came with 3.0. I did a few of my pages on a trial version of Claris's new editor, which also works very well.

Always give artist credit for their graphics...that's about all that most of them want.....and personally, when I'm looking at home pages, I like to know where the person got their art......I might want to use it on mine.

Bandwidth Stealing

Don't do it!!!! Never link directly to an image on an artist's or another person's page. You wouldn't sneak into a neighbors house & plug a few of your appliances into their electrical outlets, would you?.....I hope not; especially if you live near me. Not only could you cost another person money, but it's just not smart. If you link directly to an image and the image gets renamed or the person moves to a different URL, you are gonna be stuck with nothing but a net square. If you have a page in Geocities, there is no excuse for bandwidth stealing because there is an EZ UPLOAD (EZ, as in very easy to use!) in every file manager.  So, download images to your computer before putting them on your page.

The graphics on my pages can be found at these sites.....