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This page is for and about, if you don't like cats or are not a cat yourself, too bad!!!!!

Puff is a Siamese mixed with a little bit of tabby. She is the friendliest cat in the world, atleast as far as people are concerned. At home she is the boss. She thinks that our new patio furniture is for her alone and will not let the rest of us sit on it. She likes almost any kind of food, but she must have her friskies or she will go crazy. Puff hates the vaccuum cleaner she will hiss at it even when it's not on and she is afraid of thunder. Like many Americans, she has a weight problem.

Whisper is a tabby tom cat. He was the runt of the litter and now, at the age of 7, he weighs almost 15 pounds. When it comes to food, Whisper is the most finicky eater of the four of us. Some times he won't eat certain foods because he doesn't like the way they look and he is the only one of the four of us that uses our mom's furniture as a scratching post. Unlike most cats and dogs, he is not afraid of vacuum cleaners. He and Nosey are brothers and like all siblings they sometimes fight, but usually get along great.

Nosey is Whisper's brother and he is also the biggest cat in the house, which is a source of tension between him and Puff, because he is the biggest, so naturally he thinks that he should be the boss. Nosey loves to lay out on the patio in the middle of the afternoon when it's 105 degrees. While he is out there he meows loudly in his sleep, which makes our mom's neighbors think that he has been forced to go out there. Of the four of us, Nosey is the most avid bird watcher. He never tries to catch any birds; he just watches them.

[In memory of Smokey]

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