About Paul and Pat Blizard...

Paul and Pat Blizard are former third-generation Jehovah's Witnesses. When Paul was with the group he worked his way up to become a member of the world headquarters staff in Brooklyn, New York. (Bethelite) His wife Pat, was a full-time missionary, (Regular Pioneer and "special" Pioneer) with the organization. They were converted to Christianity in 1982. (Read their testimony: "They Wanted Our Baby to Die") Since their conversion to Christianity, they both attended Howard Payne University, Brownwood, Texas. Paul earned a B.A. degree in Biblical studies, with a minor in biblical languages.

"Old Main" building Howard Payne University-Destroyed by fire in 1980's

Paul did his graduate seminary studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, USA, where he earned the Master of Divinity degree in 1993 and is currently persuing a Doctor of Ministry degree from Liberty Theological Seminary at Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA.

Paul has served as: Associate pastor of First Southern Baptist Church of Greater Louisville, Kentucky, Senior Pastor: First Baptist Church, Fairdale, Kentucky, Senior Pastor: Reidland Baptist Church, Paducah, Kentucky and as of July 1998, Senior pastor of Memorial Baptist Church in beautiful Beckley, West Virginia, USA.

Grand View National Park--near Beckley

Memorial Baptist church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. The Blizards have four children and in December of 2002 adopted twin girls from Russia. As well as pastoring, Paul is engaged in counter-cult ministry work. He also has mission interests and has led teams to Russia, and the Israel.

Paul has made nine trips to the Holy Land leading Bible study groups and doing mission work. Their misson teams have worked in the Gaza strip and West Bank where they ministered to the Palestinian people in refugee camps. In 2000, their mission team was invited to meet with Yassar Arafat at his compound in Gaza City where they prayed with him, gave him a Bible and shared the love of Jesus Christ

Blizard leads his mission teams in partnership with:

The International Mission Board (SBC)

Paul is also certified by the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention as an Associate with the Interfaith Witness Department. He has led many Conferences for the Kentucky Baptist Convention on Cults.

The North American Board (SBC)

Paul Blizard, guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show

Paul has also appeared on:

The 700 Club, with Pat Robertson

The Donahue Show

The Shirley Show (Toronto, Canada)

Straight Talk with Scott Ross

In the film: Witnesses of Jehovah

In the film: "In The Name Of Jehovah" By North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention

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