How To Join The Perfect Dark Elite

So, you would like to join the best league of PD players on the 'net? That's great, we are always looking for new members, the more the better! It doesn't matter how good your times are right now, because they are only going to improve as you play more and hear some of the fast time strats that we've come up with here in the Elite. Maybe you will even challenge for the #1 spot in the World Rankings someday, you never know until you join.

To get you name and scores listed on our Elite records page, and to see where you rank in our World Rankings, the only thing you need is to set up a page on the internet. Your page NEEDS to include just 3 things:

1. Your PD nickname (for example, Ngamer64, SnapDragon, ect...)
2. Your Real Name (Jon Barber, Derek Kisman, ect.)
3. A Chart of all Your Times

Once you have those 3 things, all you have to do is to E-mail me, Jon Barber (Ngamer) or Ryan Dwyer (YE), and we will see to it that you get added to the Elite. If you need any help setting up a page on the internet, just read on. If you know how to get one up, then get crackin'!

How To Set Up A PD Stats Page

First off, you're going to need to set up an account at a web site that offers free webpage building. Just use, they give you plenty of space and allow you to use tables, so you can easily set up a chart. Here is how to set up an account at, if you already know how, skip everything in light blue.

Go to (didn't see that coming, did you?) Click on the "Build Your Website" link right in the middle of the page. Now you get to sign up for you Yahoo ID. Here's how I'd fill out those forms if I name was... let's say... James McCallister.

Yahoo! ID: jamesmccallister
Password: jamespd
Re-type: jamespd
Question: What's mother's maiden name?
Answer: Who cares? Who ever uses these stupid question and answer things anyways? [ed. note- may not fit in the blank]
Birthday: Jan/1/82
Country: USA
Zip: 90211 [make something up. why should geocities care?]
Gender: M
Occupation: other
Industry: other
DO NOT LET THEM CONTACT YOU ABOUT SPECIAL OFFERS! And don't click any interests. Hit the submit button.

Now for some info about your page. Here's what I'd do:
Description: The Perfect Dark times of James McCallister.
Topic: Games
Pages That Pay?: No
Hit Submit

Now you get your info. Click the link at the bottom: "Build Your Page Now!"

There, now you have an account. So go to the main page, and enter in your user name and password and hit submit, unless it's already your personal page. It will say "Welcome, JamesMcCallister" if it is. Now click the File Manager link. Then click "Open File Manager". There, now you're in. Now simply click on the box to the left of the index.html name, and a check will show up in it. Then click the grey "Edit" beneath it.

Great, now you only have to add the right HTML, and you got a page! In that big white box will be the generic geocities stuff that you want to get rid of completly. So drag with you mouse and highlight it all, then hit the Backspace key to delete it. There, now you just have a big blank white space. It should look just like this:

WARNING: This is a PageBuilder file. Changes to this file are possible in Advanced Editor,
but will be lost if edited in PageBuilder later. Launch PageBuilder.

And now you need to insert this exact HTML into that box, and then hit SAVE or SAVE AND CONTINUE EDITING. Everything that's in the box is HTML, you must take all of it, no matter how crazy it looks to you.

There you go, you should take it exactly as is. And how do you take it? Just move your mouse to the top of the HTML and start highlighting, then drag your mouse all of the way to the bottom, where the box ends. Now press "CONTROL" and also "C" on your keyboard. Make sure you hit them both at once. Now look back at that blank white space where you page will be. Click into it and see your cursor blinking, and then hit CONTROL and V on your keyboard. There, it will all be pasted there. Hit the SAVE AND CONTINUE EDITING button. Great, you just uploaded your page onto the internet! You're almost ready to join The Elite!

Now look at the HTML, and change that first "XXXX XXX" into your real first and last name, in my example, James McCallister. (It's in the TITLE tag.) Then change the 2nd "XXX"s into your PD Nickname, for instance... um... PerfectionPersonified. Yeah, that would be a cool name. Now change all of the "N/A"s into your personal times for that level on that difficulty. If you have not yet beaten the level, leave the N/A there. Then change the "Last Update" date to the date that it actually is. That way people can tell how long it's been since you updated your page last, which is nice when you surf through everyone's pages like a big web-ring. Hit SAVE, and you got it! Good for you!

The only thing left to do is to E-mail me, Ngamer, or YE and tell us your name and the link to your page. You will usually be added to the Elite within 24 hours days!

But wait just a second before you send that mail off. I'm adding these 3 new paragraphs here to clear up some questions that new members always ask me in their first mail. First off, When will I be added? Greg is the only one who knows for sure, but he will generally do a new member update sometime between every other week and once a month. So just stay patient, you will get added soon (unless we think one of your times is a fake, in which case I'll tell you about it)

#2 is always Should I mail you when I get new times? Nope, there is no need to tell us when you improve, that's the true beauty of Snap's update program. It will always find the latest times off your page and post them up, calculating your total points and time on the same output.

The 3rd point isn't a question, but something that I want to point out. Any European or Australian players will be added onto an extra ranking page! So if you are from those 2 continents, tell me right in your first E-mail. (Remember, you're still listed on the main rankings, but also on another extra ranking. A win/win situation.) Those people use a slightly different version of PD than the rest of us, it's called the "PAL" version. This is only important because of some levels where the game allows better times for one system than the other, especially Deep Sea.

Do you still need more help? Tell me what I should add to help you out. ngamer [AT] Or if this helped you out, and you'd like to send a little thanks over to me, feel free to mail me, I appreciate it! Also, give my personal page a visit

Jon Barber's PDark Times