Zone Plates - Pinhole Sieves
and pinholes

A Zone Plate consist of a series of clear and dark concentric rings, these rings have very specific diameters, as calculated by a mathematical formula.

A Zone Plate looks like this:

The actual size and number of rings depends on the focal length we want to use it for and its f/stop.  A Zone Plate for 46mm focal  length and f/stop of f/64, would have 9 total rings and an outer diameter of under 1mm which is just under 40 thousands of a inch.  The thinnest clear ring would have a width of about 0.027mm or just about 1 thousand of a inch!!.

Images made with Zone Plates exhibit a "glow and dreaminess" which differentiate them, very clearly from Pinhole made images.

Zone Plates are made on high contrast ortho film, processed in high contrast developer, then mounted on a piece of black gaffers tape that can then be applied to the rear of a camera body cap (i.e.).

Zone plates are available for focal length distances of 47.5mm, good for a Nikon SLR and 46mm, good for a Canon EOS SLR. Aperture for both lenses is f/64, which is about 3 times faster than the so called "optimum" pinhole size for equal focal length.

Each Zone plate is $25 US

Zone Plates are tested (aerial image formation) and therefore GUARANTEED to perform well for regular photographic purposes.  Payments can be made by International Money Order negotiable in Canada, PAYPAL or Cash in the mail at your own risk. 

Custom made pinholes optimum for focal length from 30mm and up are also available at a price of $10 US each.

We now are also offering PINHOLE SIEVES.  Their available focal length and prices are the same to Zone Plate prices above, $25 US for each SIEVE.

Time permitting, I also make CUSTOM MADE Zone Plates and Sieves, including PHOTON SIEVES , please ask me if interested.   Custom made means specific focal length Zone Plates and Pinhole Sieves to match your application. They can also be calculated for specific wavelength other than the default 550nm.  All Photon Sieves of any focal length are considered custom made.  Custom made lenses are priced individually depending the specifications.

If you are interested, please contact me:

Guillermo Penate
Toronto, Canada

Pinholes, Zone Plates, Photon and Pinhole Sieves for SALE!!
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