Army National Guard Units

These units are listed alphabetically by state. This list is still horribly incomplete. I'm adding info as I get it.

Please e-mail me if you have info that you can add to the information below. I'm relying heavily on input from external sources. PLEASE HELP!

Units Listed by State
HHC 1/131 AvnMontgomery
Det 1 HHC 1-131st AvnMontgomery
A Co 1-131st AvnMontgomeryUH-60A
B Co 1-131st AvnMobileUH-60A
D Co 1-131st AvnMontgomeryMaintenance company
E Co (-DET 1) 131st AvnBirminghamMaintenance company
F Co 1-131st AvnBirminghamCH-47D
OSA Det 5MontgomeryC-12F
HHC 1-207th AvnAnchorageNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-207th AvnAnchorageUH-60L
Det 1 A Co 1-207th AvnBethelUH-60L
B Co 1-207th AvnAnchorageUH-60L
Det 1 B Co 1-207thJuneauUH-60L
C Co 1-207th AvnNomeUH-60L
Det 1 C Co 1-207th AvnFairbanksUH-60L
E Co 1-207th AvnAnchorageMaintenance company
F Co 1-207th AvnAnchorageC-23B
OSA DetAnchorageC-12
HHC 1-285th AvnSilverbell AHP, MaranaNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-285th AvnSilverbell AHP, MaranaAH-64D
B Co 1-285th AvnSilverbell AHP, MaranaAH-64D
C Co 1-285th AvnSilverbell AHP, MaranaAH-64D
D Co 1-285th AvnSilverbell AHP, MaranaAH-64D
385th Avn GroupPapago AAF, PhoenixNo aircraft assigned
C Co, 1st Bn 189th CSBPapago AAF, PhoenixUH-60
E Co, 1st Bn 189th CSBPapago AAF, PhoenixUH-60 AVUM
G Co 285th AvnPapago AAF, PhoenixAir Traffic Services
Det 2, D Co, 245th AviationSilverbell AHP, MaranaAH-64 AVIM
Western ARNG Avn Training SiteSilverbell AHP, MaranaAH-64, OH-58D
OSA Det 31Papago AAF, PhoenixC-12R
HHC 35th AvnNorth Little RockNo aircraft assigned
HHC 1-114th AvnNorth Little RockNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-114th AvnNorth Little RockUH-60A
C Co 1-114th AvnNorth Little RockUH-60A
D Co 1-114th AvnNorth Little RockAviation intermediate maintenance
HHC 2-114th AvnNorth Little RockNo aircraft assigned
C Co 2-114th AvnNorth Little RockAVIM
Det 1 149th Med Co (Air Ambulance)North Little RockUH-60A
C Co 111th Med Co (Air Ambulance)North Little RockUH-60A
C Co 1-131st AvnNorth Little RockUH-60A
OSA Det 30North Little RockC-12
1106th AVCRADFresnoC-23
Det 1 I Co 185th AvnFresnoAircraft unknown
3-140th AvnSacramentoAircraft unknown
D Co 1-112th AvnStocktonUH-1H
B Co 2-104th AvnStocktonUH-1H
HHC 1-140th AvnLos AlamitosNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-140th AvnLos AlamitosUH-60
B Co 1-140th AvnLos AlamitosUH-60
C Co 1-140th AvnLos AlamitosUH-1, OH-58, EH-60
Det 1 A Co 1-140th AvnMatheraviation unit maintenance
F Co 1-140th AvnLos AlamitosIntermediate maintenance
G Co 140th AvnStocktonAircraft unknown
H Co 140th AvnStocktonAircraft unknown
HHC 1-18th CavLos AlamitosNo aircraft assigned
D Co 1-18th CavLos AlamitosAH-1
E Co 1-18th CavLos AlamitosAH-1
F Co 1-18th CavLos AlamitosAH-1
G Co 3-140th AvnStocktonCH-47
126th Medical CoMatherUH-60A/L
OSA Det 32SacramentoC-12F
HHSC 2-135th Avn BnBuckley AFB, AuroraNo aircraft assigned
A Co 2-135th Avn BnBuckley AFB, AuroraUH-60, CH-47D
B Co 2-135th Avn BnBuckley AFB, AuroraUH-60, CH-47D
Det 33, Operational SupportBuckley AFB, AuroraC-26B
Det 1, 1022nd Med Co (Air Ambulance)Buckley AFB, AuroraUH-60
B Co 3-140th AvnBuckley AFB, AuroraUH-72
HHC, Det 2, 147th Avn (Air Assault)EagleNo aircraft assigned
B Co 2-147th Avn (Air Assault)EagleUH-1H
High Altitude Aviation Training Site
EagleUH-60, UH-1H, OH-58
HHC 1-169th AvnEnfieldNo aircraft assigned
Det 1 G Co 104th Avn BnWindsor LockCH-47D
B Co 2-126th AvnWindsor LockUH-1H
D Co 2-126th AvnWindsor LockUH-1H
HQ 1-169th Avn EnfieldNo aircraft assigned
1109th AVCRADGroton-New LondonC-23
OSA Det 6Windsor LockC-12D
HHC 44 Avn BnNew CastleNo aircraft assigned
Det 1 HHC 1-150th AvnNew CastleNo aircraft assigned
B Co 1-150th AvnNew CastleAircraft unknown
Det 1 C Co 1-150th AvnNew CastleAircraft unknown
Det 1 121st Med Co (Air Ambulance)New CastleUH-60L
Det 2 E Co 131st AvnNew CastleIntermediate Maintenance
OSA Det 7New CastleC-12C
District of Columbia
121st Med Co (Air Ambulance)Washington, D.C.UH-1V
HHC 1-111th AvnJacksonvilleNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-111th AvnJacksonvilleAircraft unknown
B Co 1-111th AvnJacksonvilleAircraft unknown
C Co 1-111th AvnJacksonvilleAircraft unknown
D Co 1-111th AvnJacksonvilleAircraft unknown
E Co 111th AvnJacksonvilleAir Traffic Services
B Co 1-171st AvnBrooksvilleAircraft unknown
C Co 1-171st AvnBrooksvilleAircraft unknown
Det 1 H Co 1-171st AvnBrooksvilleAircraft unknown
D Co 1-171st AvnLakelandUH-60L
Det 1 H Co 171st AvnLakelandC-23B
OSA Det 8St. AugustineC-12F
148th Medical Co (Air Ambulance)WinderUH-1V
F Co 131 AvnSavannahCH-47D
Det 1 F Co 131 AvnDobbins Air
Reserve Base
HHC 1-171st CSABDobbins Air
Reserve Base
No aircraft assigned
A Co 1-171st CSABDobbins Air
Reserve Base
C Co 1-171st CSABDobbins Air
Reserve Base
H Co 1-171stDobbins Air
Reserve Base
C-23B+, C-26
OSA Det 9Dobbins Air
Reserve Base
C-12, UC-35
D Co 1-207th AvnHiloUH-60L
B Co 1-168th AvnHiloAircraft unknown
C Co 1-168th AvnHiloAircraft unknown
Det 2 B Co 193rd AvnHiloIntermediate maintenance
B Co 2-147th Asslt Helicopter BnHiloUH-60
B Co 193rd Avn RegimentWheeler AAF, WahiawaIntermediate maintenance
C Co 193rd Avn (Med Lift)Wheeler AAF, WahiawaAircraft unknown
Det 55 OSAWheeler AAF, WahiawaC-12
HHC 1-183rd AvnBoiseNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-183rd AvnBoiseAH-64A
B Co 1-183rd AvnBoiseAH-64A
Det 1 B Co 1-183rd AvnBoiseAircraft unknown
C Co 1-183rd AvnBoiseAH-64A
D Co 1-183rd AvnBoiseAH-64A
B Co 1-112th Avn CSABBoiseUH-60
OSA Det 35BoiseC-12F
HHC 1-106th AvnPeoriaNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-106th AvnDecaturUH-60A
B Co 1-106th AvnChicagoUH-60A
D Co 1-106th AvnPeoriaUH-60A
C Co 1-106th AvnPeoriaCH-47D
E Co 1-106th AvnPeoriaUH-60A, CH-47D
Det 1 C Co 1-134th AvnDecaturAircraft unknown
B Co 935th AvnChicagoAircraft unknown
OSA Det 36DecaturC-12F

Det 3 F Co 192nd Avn
G Co 238th Avn (ATS)ShelbyvilleAir Traffic Control
HQ Company, 38th Avn BdeShelbyvilleNo aircraft assigned
F Co 238th AvnShelbyvilleAircraft unknown
B Co 1-147th AvnShelbyvilleUH-60A
681st Med Co (Air Ambulance)ShelbyvilleUH-60
B Co 3rd Bn, 137th Assault Helicopter ShelbyvilleAircraft unknown
OSA Det 10IndianapolisC-12F
HQ 1-109th AvnBooneUH-60
D Co 1-109th AvnBooneintermediate maintenance
B Co 1-147th AvnBooneUH-60A
C Co 2-147th AvnBooneUH-60A
Det 1 F Co 1-106th AvnDavenportCH-47D
OSA Det 34AnkenyC-12C
HQ 1-108th AvnTopekaNo aircraft assigned
HHC(-) 1-108th AvnTopekaNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-108th AvnTopekaUH-60
Det 1 A Co 1-108th AvnSalinaUH-60
C Co 1-108th AvnTopekaUH-60
Det 1 24th Med CoTopekaUH-60
D Co 1-114th AvnSalinaUH-1H, UH-60
OSA Det 37TopekaC-12F
B Co 2-228 AvnFt. KnoxAH-64A
50th Med CoFt. KnoxUH-60A
63rd Aviation GroupFrankfort
F Co 135th AvnFrankfortIntermediate Maintenance
B Co 2-147th AvnFrankfortUH-60L
Det 3 H Co 171st Avn RegimentFrankfortC-23
Det 1 B Co 1-189th AvnFrankfortUH-60A
OSA Det 11FrankfortC-12F
A Co 1-244th CABNew OrleansOH-58
B Co 1-244th CABNew OrleansUH-60A
C Co 1-244th CABNew OrleansUH-60A
D Co 1-244th CABNew OrleansUnit Maintenance
Det 2 E Co 106th AvnNew OrleansUnit Maintenance
812th Med CoPinevilleUH-60Q, UH-1V
Det 1 C Co 1-114th Avn (S&S)PinevilleUH-72A
OSA Det 38New OrleansC-12D
C Co 1-137th AvnBangorAircraft unknown
112th Med Co (Air Ambulance)BangorUH-60
E Co 120th AvnBangorAir Traffic Services
Det 1 E Co 120th AvnBangorAir Traffic Services
OSA Det 14BangorC-12D
HQ 29th Avn BrigadeEdgewoodNo aircraft assigned
Det 1 & 2 HHC 29th AvnEdgewoodNo aircraft assigned
C Co 2-224th AvnEdgewoodUH-1, UH-60
F Co 1-111th AvnEdgewoodAir Traffic Control
F Co 2-224th AvnEdgewoodIntermediate Maintenance
Troop B 1-158th CavEdgewoodAH-64
Troop C 1-158th CavEdgewoodAH-64
Troop D 1-158th CavEdgewoodAVIM
B Co 3-126th AvnEdgewoodUH-60
104th Med Co (Air Ambulance)EdgewoodUH-60
HQ 29th Air Traffic Services GroupEdgewoodNo aircraft assigned
129th ATS CompanyEdgewoodNo aircraft assigned
Mobilization AVCRAD Control ElementEdgewood
OSA Det 13Aberdeen Proving GroundsC-12F
HHC 3-126th AvnOtis ANGBNo aircraft assigned
Det 1 86th Med Co (Air Ambulance)Otis ANGBUH-60A
C Co 1-126th AvnOtis ANGBUH-1H
D Co 1-126th AvnWestover ARBAircraft unknown
Det 1 D Co 1-126th AvnWestover ARBAircraft unknown
E Co 126thCamp EdwardsAircraft unknown
F Co 1-126th Avn (AVUM)Camp Edwards
Det 186 Med (Air Amb)Otis ANGBAircraft unknown
426th ATS Co (ATC)Location unknown
Det 12 OSAOtis ANGBC-26B
OSA Det 15LansingC-12D
Det 2 E Co 106 AvnGrand LedgeAircraft unknown
HQ, 1-238 Avn Grand LedgeNo aircraft assigned
HHC, 1-238 AvnGrand LedgeNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-238 AvnGrand LedgeUH-60M
B Co 1-238 AvnGrand LedgeUH-60M
C Co 1-238 AvnGrand LedgeUH-60M
D Co 1-238 AvnGrand LedgeUH-60M
Det 1 F Co 1-238th AvnGrand Ledge
Det 2 E Co 106th Avn Grand Ledge
C Co 2-147th Avn Grand Ledge
D Co 2-147th Avn Grand Ledge
Det 1 HHC 2-147th Avn Grand Ledge
Det 1 E Co 2-147th Avn Grand Ledge
Det 1 1085th Med Co (Air Ambulance)Grand LedgeUH-60
Det 1 B Co 3-328th AvnSelfridge ANGBCH-47D
HHC 2-147th Asslt Helicopter Bn St. PaulNo aircraft assigned
A Co 2-147th Asslt Helicopter BnSt. PaulUH-60
D Co 2-147th Asslt Helicopter BnSt. PaulUH-60
E Co 2-147th Asslt Helicopter BnSt. PaulUH-60
834th Aviation Support BnSt. PaulAircraft maintenance
B Co 2-211 GSABSt. PaulCH-47D
C Co 2-211 GSAB (Air Ambulance)St. PaulUH-60
F Co 1-189th Avn GSABCamp RipleyAir traffic control
OSA Det 39St. PaulC-12D
HHC 1-185th AvnTupeloNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-185th AvnJacksonUH/MH-60
B Co 1-185th AvnJacksonUH/MH-60
D Co 1-185 AvnJacksonMaintenance company
B Co 1-111 AvnMeridianCH-47D
K Co 185 Avn (ATS)Camp ShelbyAir Traffic Control
Det 1 HHT 1-104th CavTupeloNo aircraft assigned
D Troop 1-104th CavTupeloAH-64
E Troop 1-104th CavTupeloAH-64
F Troop 1-104th CavTupeloAH-64
1-114th Avn (S&S)TupeloUH-72A
1108th AVCRADBiloxi-GulfportC-23B
OSA Det 16JacksonC-12R
HQ 1-135th AvnWhiteman AFB
HHSC 1-135th AvnWhiteman AFBNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-135th AvnWhiteman AFBAH-64
B Co 1-135th AvnWhiteman AFBAH-64
C Co 1-135th AvnWhiteman AFBAH-64
D Co 1-135th AvnWhiteman AFBmaintenance company
G Co 1-135th AvnAuroraAircraft unknown
HQ 3-135TH AvnJefferson CityNo aircraft assigned
C Co 1-114 Avn (Assault)Jefferson CityUH-1
1107th AVCRADSpringfieldC-23
Det 1 1107th AVCRADLebanonC-23
Det 2 1107th AVCRADSpringfieldC-23
OSA Det 40Jefferson CityC-12D
HHC 1-189th Avn CSABHelenaNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-189th Avn CSABHelenaUH-60
B Co 1-189th Avn CSABHelenaUH-60A
D Co 1-189th Avn CSABHelenaAVUM Maintenance
H Co 1-189th Avn CSABHelenaCH-47D
L Co 151st AvnHelenaAVIM Maintenance
Det 1 1022nd Med Co(Air Ambulance)HelenaUH-60
OSA Det 41HelenaC-12R

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