Fort Adams, Newport, Rhode Island


I strongly urge people with an interest in preserving historic fortifications in the United States to join CAMP (Council on America's Military Past) and receive their publication, "Headquarters Heliogram"

Send $35(individual subscribing) / $25 (participating) to:

518 West Why Worry Lane
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Support Your Local Fort!

The Center for Fort Preservation and Tourism is one of the best fort sites on the Web.

Another excellent resource for fort information is the Coast Defense Study Group, whose site includes a complete list of all US coast defense batteries 1898-1945.

I also recommend Seacoast Fortifications of the United States by Emanuel Lewis. If you have only one book about forts, this should be it.

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A Brief History of American Seacoast Forts
Not bad, if I say so myself. Now illustrated. It will take 2-3 minutes to load at 56k.

Tips on Fort-Hunting
My favorite hobby!

The Forts of Verdun
World War 1's longest battle. Four pages, fully illustrated. WARNINGS: Each page takes me nearly two minutes to load with my 56k modem. But I think it's worth the wait. Some portions may be unsuitable for sensitive surfers.

My Favorite Forts
Just what the title says.
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