22nd Independent Parachute Company


     In the winter of 1943-1944, Major Lennox-Boyd, first commanding officer of the 22nd IPC and formerly of the Royal Scots Greys, was recruiting men for a new unit. It was clear from the outset that this was a crack specialist unit and rigorous selection procedures were adopted. All were volunteers and fully trained parachutists. After selection, training began in the technical aspects of their mission. The purpose of the unit was to put radio marker beacons, lights and indicators in the perimeters of DZ and LZ against enemy attack and then act as Divisions H.Q. guards or whatever duties needed to be carried out.

Minimum Equipment Requirements:
Grooming: Hair to be tapered and not thick and blocked off. Hair not to touch your ears or your collar. Mustaches neatly trimmed. No beards.
Basic uniform:
Maroon Airborne Forces Beret with King's crown parachute Regiment Badge.
1940 Pattern Battle Dress jacket with proper insignias.
1940 Pattern Battle Dress Trousers.
1937 Pattern web ankle gaiters.
1937 Pattern Web waist belt.
Black Leather combat boots.

Stanley Endraske (770) 574-7841


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