Welcome to the TTDX Challenge!
These saved games are designed to challenge your TTDX skills and take them to the limit. Play specific projects, in a short time frame (5-10 years of game time) and having to find very sophisticated solutions for them - Tell me more!
Choose your project
Project 1: Finding the right crossing
The right one if you think you know all you need to know to design crossings in limited spaces - This project includes solutions! Go >
Project 2: When expansion is not so easy
Squeeze your brain searching for the right way of building a new station in this busy layout. Go >

Project 4: When just good is not good enough
These two stations are the core of your network, and you will need an excellent solution for them. Go >
Project 3: Get me four!
Manage the transition from a double to a 4X layout working against the clock in an extremely difficult assignment. Go >
 Other stuff
Other things you can find in this website:
- A brief analysis of why TTDX is so addictive.
- Some reviews comparing TTDX vs. other great, related games.
- My story playing the game
- Some of my favourite links related to TTDX.

But if you are still wondering what TTDX stands for, you will surely need an introduction first to this great game.
  Last updates...

9/Nov/2004 We add our fourth project to our TTDX challenge

29/July/2004 Today we launch our TTDX challenge! Play TTDX on extreme situations and show us how good you are!
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We built this website just to hear from you and to get your opinions!

Please sign in our guestbook or drop me a message. I am picking up any comment to enrich these pages.

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 Reviews: TTDX vs. Others
Compare TTDX with other famous Railway and construction games...
Go >
I know a place where you can download TTDX DOS & Windows version...
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What should be the next improvement in TTDX?
  Underground railway networks
  Bigger Cities
  Bigger Maps & Worlds
  Better, updated graphics
  New music
  More air transport functionality

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