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Below you will find some of Carmelo's finest writing on the subject. Some of these articles are in Spanish and no translation is avilable. All pieces, though, are described by a brief summary.

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Biotechnology’s Third Generation

From Golden Rice to Anti-Viral Tomatoes -- Good Health or Good Marketing? A look at governmental institutions’ reluctance to tackle the controversy surrounding genetic engineering.  Originally at CorpWatch.Org

Precision Farming:

The Marriage between Agribusiness and Spy Technology

Flipping the Genetically Modified Tortilla, or Turning the Biotech Critique on its Head

Genetic Pollution: Biotech Corn Invades Mexico

Contaminated corn invades Mexico

What have they wrought?

Is Mexican corn in danger of disappearing?

Life becomes an industry (Book Review)

Carmelo writes about Brian Tokar’s most recent work:

Redesigning Life? The Worldwide challenge to genetic engineering

Genes humanos a la venta

An account of the flabbergasting conduct of corporations and their efforts to patent life (in Spanish)

Biopiratas en las Américas

Free trade is not all it seems; this article outlines the less-than-noble intentions of the ‘Free Trade Areas of the Americas’ and their impact on Latin America’s biodiversity (in Spanish)

TLC y ALCA amenazan agricultura y biodiversidad

More on the threat to Latin America’s biodiversity (in Spanish)


A sequel to the article above (in Spanish)

Interrogantes sobre cultivos transgénicos

Genetically modified crops in Puerto Rico; Carmelo gives its readers an alternative view of its implications

Winners and losers in the biotechnology revolution

Article unavailable

En torno a la clonación y la ingeniería genética

An early article on the subject of cloning.

This is only a small sample of writings. Carmelo has two online projects where he comments on the environment, biotechnology and other relevant subjects; please visit Carmelo’s blog and his bio-security project, as well as his Yahoo Group.


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