Lady Susitna and I were both Puppy Mill Pups. This was before our HuMom knew better. But, to tell the truth we are very glad she didnít learn how bad things were until AFTER we had picked her and John as our Humans. We are very happy in our home and with the care we get. We honor our Mums at the top of our Cabin Petsí Home Away From Home Page but this is a very special page with open letters just for Motherís Day.

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Hi Mum:
Boomer here. I recall that when I was just a tiny pup and you made sure I got food and lots of Lurps. You knew that I was different from the rest of my litter mates so you always made sure I didnít get pushed around by the bigger pups. I remember what you taught me, as I sat at your paws, when you said ďNow son you are different and it might be hard for you to find a good home when you leave hereĒ. Then you added ďAlways be loving and give lots of Lurps and snuggles to the human you pick out so they will take you homeĒ.
You told all of us we had to learn to be dogs in six week because you knew we would be taken far away. But, one day before the six weeks was up a man came with a big truck and lots of cages filled with all kinds of puppies, they were all very sad and crying. I was very afraid and then they put drops in my nose that made me very sick and we were scooped up out of our pen even before we could say goodbye to you! The truck pulled out of the yard and I cried out ďBye Mum, I will be good and, and I love youĒ. I donít know if you heard me or not with all the noise.
I was taken to a store in a mall in Tampa, FL. I wasnít feeling well and had to fight with a bigger dog for food - to this day I have an eating disorder. I was very sad and frightened but I remembered what you said about being loving and cute - so I was just that to everyone who petted me, or took me to the puppy play area.
Two days later, I was taken to the play area by a very nice lady and her daughter. This is the one I want I thought and I was extra loving and gave LOTS of Lurps and snuggled right up to her neck. She was the HuMom I wanted. Then she went away - I was so sad I didnít eat and wouldnít play and didnít act cute and so no one else wanted me. The next day I was sitting in the corner of the glass pen I was in when I was wisked out and taken to the puppy pen. There were two people there a very nice man and the lady I wanted to be mine! They filled out a bunch of papers and took me home! There I met Lady Susitna my housemate and we have been happy ever since.
Now John and Mom are very nice; but, Mum I still remember you and the lessons you taught me and so on this Motherís Day I want to say I love you and miss you very much and hope you are well.

AhrooS and Lurps
Boomer J. Foxworthy

*~*~*~ ~*~*~*

To my Mum, Jeanís Butterscotch Carmel

Hello Mum:
When I was born at the kennel you were very sad. I was a very pretty blonde Spaniel, and you were afraid they would want to keep me for breeding and you didnít want me to have to live the life you had. You told me you would rather I be taken far, far away then to have to stay there and be a breeder. I didnít understand what you were trying to tell me at the time but since we have been on the Internet I understand all too well. You took very good care of me so I always looked my best. I was taught the best manners, and how to charm any human. When I was six weeks old I was taken from you along with many other dogs. We were placed in wire cages in a truck and started on a very long trip. I still remember the sound of motorcycles racing past and to this day I hide from the noise. I was one of the last to leave the truck and was placed in a glass case in a mall pet store. The people there were nice and they saw to it I had fresh papers, water and food. I was looking for a HuMom to take me home and get me out of that pen.
One day a very nice HuMom came in with her daughter, they were looking for a dog as a gift for the human I call John. They saw me and immediately knew I was the dog for them! It took some time to do all the paperwork and they bought some doggie supplies for me too. The I was taken out to a car - that was trouble - I did not want to ride ever again, still donít, but my HuMom held me close and talked to me as we drove home. John changed my name from the one you gave me, but I still remember that name in my heart. They take very good care of me.
At night, when the Humans are in bed asleep, I dream doggy dreams of you and my litter mates and wonder how everyone is doing , especially you.

Happy Motherís Day
I love you
Lady Susitna of Eklutna

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