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The first time we met our wonderful friend we had come across his page and found a fun lovin', SCUBAn', Jimmy Buffet fan and all round wonderful pup. We immediately wanted to be friends.

We applied for his and we were pleased when he granted us his approval.

Next we started to send messages to his people and became friends with them.

We were saddened to hear our dear friend was very ill and that a diary was being kept of his treatment so that other pets might be helped.


Sadly Woodro has gone to join those waiting spirits at Rainbow Bridge

Franklin has joined his father at the bridge.


When the moon is full and the stars are out Boomer J Foxworthy and Lady Susitna beg to go to the backyard where they dance and play and we are sure that the spirits of their dear friends are with them enjoying the fun and games of nip the tail and catch the moonbeam.

We love you Woodro!! and Frankin!!

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