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Hi! Welcome to the page of the most adorable doggies on the web!! See that stud over there on the right...well, that's me, Whiskey! I was just a baby then, I'm much bigger and a whole lot cuter now!! I was born Nov. 5, 1994, which makes me a whole 6 years old! Gosh, things were so much easier when we were young, weren't they? Anyway, about three years ago, my abode got invaded by a new 'little friend' (as mom liked to call her). I say more like pest! Yes, I'm referring to my sister, and now best friend, Gypsy. Whiskey as a puppy

Hiya, Hiya!! I'm Gypsy, nice to meet you! As you check out that gorgeous baby picture of me on the right, I'll tell you a little about me! I'm much more exciting than my brother, Whiskey, at least I think so! I am 5 years old, born on April 21, 1996. I love to spend most of my time tormenting Whiskey! My mom calls me an itsy bitsy...whatever that is! I just LOVE attention! I also love treats (especially the treats I steal from my brother..hehe) and of course my squeaky toys. I run around the house constantly squeaking my toys and bugging my brother. Gypsy as a puppy

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